‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover Update: Brown Financial Secrets Revealed

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Sister Wives Meri Brown

Sister Wives is on hiatus, and no one could be happier about that than the humiliated matriarch, Meri Brown.  The heart-bruised star of the polygamist reality show has shrunken back from her social media presence, since spinning her tale of victimized woe, after being conned by a sweet-talking online catfish. 

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We know that Jackie Overton posed as business tycoon dreamboat, “Sam Cooper,” and that Meri was set to make a break from the Brown compound, to follow her slippery lover into the sunset.  Meri and TLC spun their truth, but “Sam” continues to deny TLC’s claim that Meri was taken in by a female con.  “Sam” continues to drone on via his blog, and while much of the blabber is silly, Catfish Jackie is spilling a few Brown secrets, buried in the muck of her scorned lover prose.  Let’s begin with the silly nuggets. 

“Sam” wants to have children, and is seeking to make a decision about pursuing adoption.  Conveniently, a relative has popped up with an unwanted pregnancy, in a perfectly timed scenario for any shady adopter.  “Sam” claims to be wavering between dealing with a complicated family adoption, or going the international route.   

“My cousin’s 18 year old daughter is pregnant with twin boys. They are due in March. She wants to give them up. That’s what started me thinking about this whole thing.”

“I just want to have kids. And I don’t want to wait around anymore hoping to meet someone to make everything happen. It’s time I start doing things that I want. This whole mess has taught me how many years I have been praying for things without putting action behind it.”

“Sam’s” blathering may seem like harmless nonsense, but anyone who watches Sister Wives knows of Meri’s once desperate desire of have more children. Sam and Mare were even planning a family, during their six month affair.  Make no mistake, “Sam” sought to twist the knife hard on his traitor lover, when “he” chose to pen those words.    

“Sam” is also dishing on his whipped out tell-all project, the quickest completion of a book in the history of half-faced authors. Congrats Sam! The book may even be released in time to give as a virtual stocking stuffer, perfect for those hard to please Sister Wives fans.    

“I told my story following the timeline I have of the texts and voicemails. I have only posted half of all the stuff I have. I kept some that I will never share because it’s too personal. The rest tells the stories no one knows about.” 

“If I can work hard enough I look to release it before Christmas. First as an ebook. If there is enough interest I will self publish it into an actual real book.” 

“Sam” continues his struggle to maintain relevance, and often chooses the comment section of his blog to dish the real dirt.  “His” readers give him feedback on his entries, and whether he is responding to real people or self-composed comments, he uses such opportunities to spill the real tea on the Browns. 

All About the Tea reported that Jackie Overton collected secrets from Mare as “Sam,” and while posing as assistant “Lindsay,” whom Mare became friendly with, over the course of the affair.   We know that Jackie is not credible, however, many of the claimed insider details surrounding the Browns, as well as the show, have been on point.  “Sam” dished on the clan’s finances, detailing Meri’s fiscal scenario.    

“She [Meri] doesn’t receive as much as them. She gets around $5000 a month the other wives get other amounts one of them $7000 for her and the college kids.”

“Meri is paying for all of Mariahs college on her own. She also helps with random living exoenses or anything she needs. Kody does not help pay anything for Mariah or Meri. She told me him and Janelle figured out her budget for her, the family voted Mariahs college comes out of Meris income and they leave her to figure it all out. She puts things on credit cards and pays them off as she can. She also goes tanning and has a gym membership. So she is doing okay but is not rich. They all live month to month except Kody. He has control of the money.”

Tanning is obvious, the gym not so much.  So what happens when TLC goes away, along with the plural money?  TLC’s plan to continue to highlight Robyn and Kody, while blurring out the other wives won’t go over well with fans.  TLC continues to ignore the blaring clamor against Robyn, as well as the fact that viewers didn’t buy Mare’s pathetic explanation for cheating within the marriage.  People watched last season, because the dirty truth was being revealed about the toxic mess the exists within plural marriage.   TLC can’t expect to go back, because most fans won’t follow them. 


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