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‘Teen Mom 2’ Nathan Griffith Exposes Jenelle Evans Lies & Blast Her For Attacking His Character

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Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans continues to spar with her baby daddy and ex-fiancee, Nathan Griffith, and Nathan is always ready to swing back, to set the record straight. Griffith recently posted a series of photos on Facebook, with girlfriend Jessica Henry. Some left hand bling triggered rumors that the pair was engaged. Griffith spoke to Radar Online, to clarify the photos, and respond to the ongoing drama with his MTV reality star, baby mama. Griffith explains,

“I’m not engaged,” the 27-year-old Teen Mom 2 baby daddy said. “I don’t want to get engaged again for a long time.”

His last engagement, to Evans, turned into a careening nightmare, littered with dramatic arguments, false domestic violence accusations, and arrests.

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Griffith clarifies that the rings are “fake,” and that Henry doesn’t even have them anymore.  He does understand how the photos could have triggered such rumors. 

“I was looking at that as well and I can see how that can be misconstrued, but we’re not engaged,” Griffith continued. “I would make sure everyone in the universe would know if we got engaged.


Griffith vehemently denies posting the photos to get under Jenelle’s skin. 

“Heavens no!” he said. “If I did that, that means I would still care and I don’t.” 

Griffith grabbed the opportunity to speak out against Evans, blasting her for painting a false picture of his character. 

“The image that twisted, evil, little girl portrays me as is totally opposite of who I am,” he said, adding, ““I don’t lie (like her), I don’t manipulate (like her), I don’t get revenge (like she does) and I don’t care what most people think about me (like she does).”

Griffith asserts that he has always sought to be pleasant to Evans, since they broke up, months ago.

“I try to live my life as best as I can and help out whoever I can,” he said.  “I have only been nice to that woman and she is the most sinister person I have ever came across.”

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The gloves came off, with Griffith skewering Evans’ latest and predictably controversial boyfriend, David Eason. Eason has a criminal past, and has moved in as Jenelle’s latest roomie lover.  If past patterns once again repeat themselves, he will be next in the long line of falsely accused, arrested, and hauled away stooges.  Griffith commented,

“She has totally made my life hell (which I try my best to get over it) and now she is raising my child with another psychopath just like she is.”

Griffith remains separated from his young son, Kaiser, paying the price for taking the tot out of state, without informing Evans. Evans routinely leaves the boy with her partner-in-crime roommate, rather than with his father.  Evans recently admitted that Griffith has been asking to spend time with his son, and that she is choosing to deny his requests. 

The struggle and the drama is real with this duo, and there is no end in sight.  What story will the next season of Teen Mom 2 tell?             


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