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Back in The Creepy Saddle! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Recreates MTV Proposal Vacation with New Man

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Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans is taking it easy, vacationing in one of her favorite spots, in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. The reality diva is carousing with her new boyfriend, David Eason, enjoying some downtime in the tropical paradise. 

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In true Jenelle style, her motives surrounding the getaway appear more than just a simple lovers’ escape. Viewers will remember that defining trip to St. Thomas, that was filmed by MTV last season. Nathan Griffith proposed, and off-camera, a verbal battle within the vacationing group threw the trip into turmoil. However, the filmed engagement marked a brief commitment between the young parents, and a shaky hope for an intact family for their baby son, Kaiser. 

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Jenelle and Nathan’s love affair crashed and burned, and Evans hooked up with Eason a short while later. Jenelle is chronicling the trip on Instagram, and seems to be eerily recreating her romantic engagement vacation, with another man.  Is she deliberately taunting her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith? 

The following photo collage cleverly illustrates how Evans has visually molded her lovers’ getaway with her new honey, to jab at her lost baby-daddy love. 

Nathan…are you watching?….or even caring? Jenelle didn’t score an engagement ring this time, but a teen-chic token of infatuation fits that missing diamond shaped piece, in Jenelle’s recreated puzzle of lost love. 


Griffith may be inwardly chuckling at Jenelle’s transparent effort to get under his skin, but likely isn’t amused that his baby-mama left their son in the hands of her unpredictable roommate, Tori.  Janelle routinely dumps their son in the hands of her partner-in-crime bestie, rather than allow the tot time with his father. Nathan’s pal, Josh, spills about Kaiser’s predicament, via a screenshot exclusively obtained by All About the Tea.

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2__

Jenelle’s childish antics continue, but little Kaiser is the one left behind, likely paying the price. WELL Jenelle…when will you ever decide to move past Teen Mom, and towards adult parent?  That is what your fans would love to see on your Instagram account.   


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