More Lies! ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Denies Physical Contact With Catfish Lover During Tell-All Interview

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Sister Wives star, Meri Brown is jumping all over the place, as TLC continues to release preview clips of the Tell-All episode, airing tomorrow night. Mare was riding the social media victim wave like a virtual champ, when she abruptly switched gears, to namaste, and forgive her catfish lover, literally overnight. 

Wait…isn’t that how Janelle described Mare, when she married into the Brown cult? But I digress. The next morning…voila! Meri shook off those fishy “Sam” cooties, and chose peace, love and forgiveness.

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What will Meri’s online victim group do, without their most famous sister-stooge? Maybe Mare could teach those women how to choose paths that don’t involve wallowing in self-obsessed misery.    

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TLC continues to leak previews, and here we see Mare deny any physical relationship with “this person” aka as the “bastard,” or more formally as “Samuel Cooper.” Mare looks like she is going to heave all over her white stitching, and Kody throws her some major side-eye, like he already knows the real deal. 

Notice that Mare claims that she didn’t have physical contact with “this person.” She continues to call Jackie Overton a “he,” as if her fictional hunk deserves his own special shout-out.  She also claims that she was threatened into calling and blubbering her love messages to her “bay-bee,” and that “Sam” sent photos of an actor, to convince her of his male identity. Another quasi-player is in the mix, and he is an actual MAN! The plot thickens. We must discuss the Brown fashion choices, which all look as though they were chosen on a 60 second mad dash through their local Goodwill outlet. 

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Janelle’s weight has ballooned, which evidently left her nothing in her closet but her forest green, 1975, polyester leisure suit. It has a lesbian gym teacher vibe, but an animal print smock and a pair of weird clunky shoes add a lunch lady-ish, feminine edge. Robyn is wearing a truly odd combo of leopard print paired with a mini-blazer, and equestrian boots. She must have raided Aurora’s closet. Christine is wearing a dowdy ensemble, with some daring witchy-poo shoe-boots. She looks prepared to go to her  job at the local DMV, then hit a Guns N Roses concert after work. 

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Mare is giving us one last look at her white stitched wonders, and appears as though she barely managed to drag herself through her black eyeliner application. Kody is wearing a cheap suit over a black Miami Vice t-shirt. No Tell-All group photos please, especially with no boas.

What are your thoughts about Meri’s abruptly shifted mindset, and this wildcard addition of an imaged “actor?” Stay tuned, as the spin continues.   


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