‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Gives Social Media Hint to Catfish Lover’s True Identity

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Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, has publicly emerged as an admitted participant in a naughty, and complicated love affair. 

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TLC recently revealed the reality star’s plan to bolt, presumably with her lover, from her self-proclaimed plural bliss. Jackie Overton was exposed as the scamming culprit months ago, and as All About the Tea continues to extensively report, perseveres in selling her “Samuel Cooper” identity, to a curious public. Social media has been clamoring, demanding that the Browns and TLC confirm the identity of Mare’s slippery romeo. Mare is finally alluding to the identity of her counterfeit casanova.   


Twitter has been sprinkled with a few online crusaders using duplicate accounts, to crank up the pressure on Overton. Meri affirms that more info will be forthcoming, during this week’s tell-all episode. Tamron Hall has been a past softball reporter at best, lobbing easy ones to the Browns, to assure a positive fan response. Do you think Hall will hit hard, and demand answers?  That would indeed be a switch! 

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TLC may not come out and identify Jackie Overton, but will Meri Brown actually come out and nail Overton for taking her needy heart on  a scandalous and humiliating ride?

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“Samuel” continues to focus on keeping all eyes on the passionate romance, and away from “his” true identity. Did Jackie’s true persona recently make a cameo, popping in via a comment on Batman’s blog? “Sam” highlighted a sentiment left on his blog, probably self-written, but sharply relevant, nonetheless. 

“One of my comments I got tonight was this: ‘Doesn’t really matter if you are a guy or a girl… either way it is apparent Meri was having, at least, an emotional affair with you. She no longer wanted Kody, she wanted you.’”


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