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[VIDEO] ‘Sister Wives’ and Kody Confront Meri Brown Over Catfish Affair During Explosive, Tell-All Interview

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“Sister Wives” star, Meri Brown, is poised to face her fans, after engaging in an online affair with an Oklahoma scammer, posing as a Chicago business tycoon. The reality star strayed, gave her heart to another, and was allegedly even poised to leave her family in the Vegas dust, to run off with her “Samuel” shadow. TLC has kicked in their social media push for some boosted Mare-love, posting a series of Mare’s greatest hits on their “Sister Wives” Facebook page.

Ironically, TLC is cashing in on the rampant hatred for Kody Brown’s best girl, and shiniest wife, Robyn. There is even a rumor floating around, that Kody and Robyn are considering the name ‘Meri’ for their new pink addition to the cult.   

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The show is supposed to address the scandal tomorrow, and next week the tell-all interview episode is scheduled. The typically mousy Tamron Hall, is supposedly set to hit the Browns with the hard questions. However, based on her past interviews, I’m not holding my breath. 

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According to an exclusive preview clip, Meri will be asked to address the revealing voicemails and letters, which should trigger second-hand embarrassment across America. Mare exposes her slippery “baay-bee” as a woman, commenting, “I eventually met HER in real life. I never did meet him.”

The harem dabs away tears, and Janelle even expresses a desire to “put on armor, and go to war.” Mare is fiercely defended, and appears to play a dazzling victim, bolstered by her sister-soldiers.     

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Meanwhile Jackie Overton continues to rant her days away, and anyone with a strong stomach can read “Samuel” gush over his lost love. “Sam” does take jabs at Mare during a few passionate storytelling intermissions, blasting his soul-mate, for selling out for a lousy buck. 

“It is a disgusting lie by someone that is trying to cover her own ass to save her show, save her dignity, and to not have to fully explain what “emotional affair” means. Erase the emotional apart and we’re finally getting at the truth. It was an affair. A real affair. Not some online whatever it’s called. That’s the lie being sold to all of the media. And why? Because if the truth got out, there would be a lot of really pissed off and upset fans.”

“There may also be pressure from the network to lose the show or her contract if she admits to cheating.”

“No matter what the world thinks of me she cheated on her husband with me. She is trying to make everyone forget that big bold fact by throwing me under the bus, the car, and the train.”

“She won’t admit we had sex because not only will she have to admit to cheating on her husband she will be kicked out of her Church and deal with the fallout of saying we were in a loving sexual relationship.”

The drain is being pulled on a flopping Overton, and it looks like her famous days are coming to a dramatically noisy end. Do you think Mare will tell the whole truth? Check out the explosive preview clip below.


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