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EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans Partying Ways Roll On With Alleged Drinking and Drug Use [VIDEO]

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While Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, 23, hops between red carpets and shady product endorsements, the same dangerous behavior continues, in the personal life of MTV’s biggest train wreck.  Behind closed doors, Jenelle’s partying ways roll on, with alleged habits of drinking and drug use colliding with the demands of a young, single mother. 

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Below is an exclusive video obtained by All About the Tea. 

According to an insider, Evans’ young son, one year old Kaiser, was in the house when the videos were shot and claims alcohol alone does not trigger such behavior in Jenelle. 

“Jenelle is mixing pills and alcohol, weed & alcohol does not make her act like this,” the source comments.

Jenelle has supposedly been careening out of control, since splitting from her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, and hooking up with her new boyfriend, Wilmington, NC welder, David Martin Eason, 27. 

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The Teen Mom 2 star’s wild ways remain untamed, with purported partying, drinking, and recreational drug use escalating, as the reality star navigates parenthood. Will the MTV cameras catch any of her single mom/party girl shenanigans? Stay tuned. 


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