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EXCLUSIVE: Social Media Swindler! Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Busted Using Questionable Sale Techniques

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Watch out consumers, because Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans is hard at work hawking her wares. A new dimension has been added to Jenelle’s busy schedule of carousing with her newest boyfriend, getting into bar brawls with her dubious bestie, and arranging babysitters. It appears that Jenelle is following in the footsteps of the infamous, and previously bashed Farrah Abraham, and is taking to social media to hustle personally endorsed products. 

EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind Jenelle Evans Chin Injury — Shocking Details!

Jenelle’s questionable sales techniques are on full display, with even her own followers calling FOUL on her lazy shortcuts, and unethical claims. Compared photos slinging one product, reveal the same stitches on her chin, an obviously failed attempt at same-day posture and tummy contortion.

Jenelle Evans with busted chin tummy tea lie_Teen Mom2

Jenelle Evans tummy tea lie_Teen Mom2

Evans also blatantly lifted her dialogue touting the product’s benefits from another’s Facebook page, upping her sham endorsement. 

Jenelle Evans tea lie_Teen Mom2_

Read Jenelle’s Instagram post below and compare the similarities.

Jenelle Evans tea lie_Teen Mom2_

What does the future hold for this entrepreneurial train wreck? One perceptive follower noticed that Jenelle now follows SexoUk. Is Jenelle on the Farrah train, and can a leaked sex tape be next on her sleazy agenda? Evans recently hinted at a planned jump over the pond. Could this trip actually be an overseas pursuit for x-rated fame?    

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2

Jenelle Evans has morphed into a MTV quasi-celeb, and it appears that she will stop at nothing, to cash in any way that works. Is the most prolific MTV wreck morphing into a social media swindler, and maybe even a budding porn star? 

Watch out Farrah….Jenelle may be right on your heels.


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