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EXCLUSIVE: Della Overton, The Mother of Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover is a Wanted Fugitive

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TLC’s Sister Wives is back in damage control mode, as the network and the Browns scramble to nail down a believable spin on the latest scandal to rock the plural family. 

Meri Brown was recently “catfished” by Jackie Overton, a chunky, Shidler, Oklahoma bottom feeder, who wooed and snagged a vulnerable, and gullible discarded wife. Overton is believed to have compiled a long list of victims, and her modus operandi is sinister and vicious. She continues to publicly toy with Meri, via her “Sam Cooper” blog, as the Browns and TLC navigate through the murky, complicated mess. 

EXCLUSIVE: Why is Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown and TLC Hiding The Identity of Catfish Scammer?

Jackie can’t claim all of the shady kudos in the Overton family, because her own 63-year-old mother has an active warrant for her arrest, in Kay County, Oklahoma. 

Sam Cooper_Mother DL_Catfish_Sister Wives

According to the Kay County Court Clerk lists (subjects with active warrants), the charges against Della Jean Overton include, 1) embezzlement and 2) exploitation of elderly or disabled by deception or intimidation. 

Sam Cooper_Jackie Overton_Sister Wives

Did Jackie Overton learn her tricks from a skilled pro? Deception? Check. Exploiting a needy, television personality for a prolonged bask in the spotlight, is a no brainer. Could intimidation be going on in the shadows even now, as the seedy drama shakes out, and TLC contrives a storyline to sell to a sucker audience?  Stay tuned.


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