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EXCLUSIVE #SisterWives Scandal: The Real Tea Behind Kody Divorcing Meri & Marrying Robyn

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Meri Brown Sister Wives

When the news began leaking out that “Sister Wives” stars Kody Brown and Meri Brown had divorced, with Wife #4, Robyn assuming the queen harem position by reportedly marrying Kody in December, LOTS of questions were left unanswered. What triggered the wifey switcheroo and WHY did Queen Meri allow such an overthrow? The show is currently airing, and there has been no mention of this incoming shift, leading many to believe that the reasons must stem from legal or financial issues. Lucky for us, an exclusive source in the know has come forward, spilling some scalding hot tea, with the alleged back story behind the hush hush Brown family shuffle.

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Our exclusive tipster claims that it all began when Meri wanted to back out of the online jewelry shop that she and Robyn had been working to get off the ground.  We actually saw some of this discord play out on the show, where we witnessed Robyn unable to hide her very genuine upset with Meri.  Meri expressed interest in going back to college, and Kody apparently came around and backed her up in support, which supposedly threw Robyn into a hissy fit because the Kodes wasn’t taking her side in the disagreement.  The upset heated up and lasted for a couple of weeks, and came to a head when Robyn, supposedly sick of Meri holding the ‘first wife/legal wife’ position over her head, demanded that Kody choose between she and Meri.  Robyn allegedly took it a step further and actually moved out for a few days, which triggered a desperate Kody to promise her that he would divorce Meri and marry her, to prove his undying love and loyalty.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives

Meri was reportedly devastated and felt very betrayed, but in her disgust with Kody for even considering such a thing, has had a change of heart and has allegedly emotionally broken off from Kody, claiming to be done with him. She has agreed to hang in there, solely for the family and to fulfill TLC contractual obligations. They both filed for divorce late last summer, and a couple of weeks later it was granted, and made final in September. Robyn and Kody obtained a marriage license in early December. Robyn is a happy camper, of course, but the fallout from Kody’s choice has rippled through the family, bringing varied reactions. Janelle was allegedly shocked, but due to her strained relationship with Meri, she has supposedly let it go. She has always come across as the most detached (and smartest) one in the family, so no surprise there.

Christine is purportedly upset about being passed over as the legal wife of choice, and has distanced herself from Meri and Robyn. That decision has left her with no babysitters, and with her four kids still living at home and desperate for help, she asked her mom to move in and help her out, a development viewers recently watched play out on the show.

Well, well, WELL! Due to the hot tea spraying in all directions from this hot mess of a crew, All About the Tea has decided to begin weekly recaps of “Sister Wives,” and to stay on top of any ongoing developments, as the fairy tale of plural marriage continues to be exposed as more of a yucky nightmare. I have been put on recap duty, and I can’t wait!!


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