Married To Medicine: Dr. Heavenly Seemingly Reveals Toya Put Paws On Anila!

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Married to Medicine star, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, is alleging that things got physical between frenemies, Toya Bush-Harris and Anila Sajja

In a recent episode of Married to Medicine, Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris bumped heads with Anila Sajja and Dr. Kiran Sajja over a failed Halloween prank. During Dr. Simone Whitmore’s Halloween party, Anila and Kiran pulled up in a U-Haul truck, dressed as movers arriving to help Toya and Eugene move again.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

The women and the men talked amongst themselves and eventually came to a truce. However, Dr. Heavenly recently revealed that Toya and Anila didn’t make up that easily and things may have turned physical. According to a past YouTube clip, Heavenly claims there was a physical altercation involving Toya

“They over there fighting… You’d think we ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ over here,” Heavenly says to the camera as she discusses the season 9 trailer. She then jumps to the scene involving Toya and says, “Look like, to me, Toya threw the first lick.” Heavenly then thinks back to Toya’s fight with Quad Webb in season one. “Didn’t she throw the first lick season one?” Heavenly asks before suggesting Toya “stop putting your hands on people” 

Entertainment Journalist, DJ Richie Skye, took to his YouTube channel to break down Heavenly’s claim that Toya shoved Anila in a deleted scene. 

“Now apparently, according to Dr. Heavenly, when we saw Toya confront Anila about the crazy joke with the U-Haul, what we did not see… was allegedly again… Toya pushed Anila during their altercation,” DJ Richie Skye says in the video. He breaks down the parts shown in the scene and analyzes how calm Toya was when she told Anila, “‘It’s one thing for me and you to go back and forth. But, it was another thing for you [to] make my husband feel a certain way.”

DJ Richie Skye points out a few scenes later where Anila is seen screaming to Toya, “Well, you’re not my friend. You’re not my real friend,” before running off. He assumes the altercation may have gone down during the break in Toya and Anila’s scene. 

Check out the clip below!

Married to Medicine airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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