‘Married to Medicine’ RECAP: Eugene & Kiran Bump Heads After Failed Halloween Prank!

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Welcome back to the world of mess and medicine! Dr. Heavenly Kimes is seething after her failed intervention and is cursing Dr. Simone Whitmore out as she storms out the door. Heavenly doesn’t want to hear what Simone has to say and Simone’s disappointed in Heavenly’s reaction. Heavenly’s hurt, and inside, the ladies discuss whether the intervention was effective. Dr. Contessa Metcalfe is upset and expected an apology from Heavenly. Contessa locks herself in her room as the rest of the ladies debrief in the theater. Quad Webb wishes they could’ve gotten some resolution as Dr. Jackie Walters attempts to call Heavenly. Simone doesn’t think there’s a right way to approach Heavenly and Jackie goes outside to check on Heavenly. 

Heavenly’s confused at how Contessa’s more upset at her than she is at Dr. Scott Metcalfe. Jackie listens as Heavenly says F the rest of the ladies. Simone doesn’t have anything for someone who’s going to drag her family and Quad continues having Heavenly’s back as Simone asks Quad not to cut her off. Quad gets upset and begins to head toward the door and soon Quad and Simone get into a brief argument. Quad thinks the ladies should’ve called Heavenly instead of ambushing her, and Simone quickly reminds Quad of her mishap last year with Heavenly. Quad continues to make her point as Simone refuses to back down from the subject at hand. 

Both ladies have a point and Simone makes everyone laugh by stating “This is America! I choose who I f*** with!” Outside, Heavenly continues talking to Jackie about how unacceptable this intervention was and admits to not knowing if the group can be repaired from this. Jackie doesn’t think Heavenly’s equipped to take accountability for her actions, and I agree. Toya Bush-Harris and Simone say their goodbyes to Contessa as Heavenly tries to unlock her doors so everyone can leave. Jackie checks in on Contessa and Contessa’s still upset. Contessa feels like she gave Heavenly tons of passes and Heavenly did her wrong every time. 

Downstairs, Quad and Anila Sajja discuss Heavenly’s comments. And although Quad doesn’t agree with Heavenly, she doesn’t want to throw their friendship away. Quad wants to get down to the bottom of why Heavenly treats them that way. Contessa doesn’t understand how Jackie’s still friends with Heavenly after all the comments she’s made about Curtis Walters. Jackie doesn’t see the value in Heavenly’s comments, so, therefore, it doesn’t affect her life. Contessa thinks it’s disrespectful and feels Heavenly embarrassed her publicly. Contessa feels like since Heavenly can be reckless, then she can be as well. The next day, Quad’s cooking for her mama as Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott chat in their office. Dr. Jackie’s seeing patients as Toya brings Dr. Simone some coffee. 

Simone thinks last night was a disaster and that Anila immediately brought the mood down when she arrived. Simone thinks Quad and Anila are enablers and may be afraid of Heavenly. Toya was upset that Heavenly laughed throughout the entire intervention and Heavenly and Anila meet downtown to chat. Heavenly expected Toya to pull a stunt like that but never thought Contessa was capable of betraying her. Heavenly wishes Contessa would’ve called her, and Simone feels that Jackie, Quad, and Anila continue making excuses for Heavenly’s behavior. Toya tells Simone that Anila’s an idiot and has no clue about what’s going on and mentions that Heavenly talks about everyone’s marriage but her own. 

Simone feels that Heavenly deflects so she doesn’t have to speak on her issues. Heavenly tells Anila how Quad told her that Eugene Harris told a group of people that Toya was the worst decision he’s ever made! Toya tells Simone that she’s finding new ways to eliminate negativity from her life and suggests the ladies wash each other’s feet. Simone ain’t with that and Heavenly continues bashing Simone and Toya. Anila lets Heavenly know that Quad had her back but that Quad’s upset at Heavenly for spreading false rumors about her. Apparently, word on the street is that Miss Quad sleeps with married men. 

Heavenly says the name of the alleged man but we only get to speculate since producers blurred it out. Anila seems shocked and is eating up Heavenly’s word as gospel. Apparently, the wife is telling everyone, and I feel like things are going to get much worst before they get better. At Dr. Contessa’s office, she’s seeing patients and reviewing wellness panels for her patients’ treatment plans. Contessa’s new patient is a buff Black man who’s a former NFL player. He has beautiful chocolate skin with muscles to match. Contessa knows what she’s doing showing us this eye candy, LOL. Contessa inquires about post-NFL life and checks if her patient is scheduled for a mental status for any signs of CTE. Contessa suggests exercise and challenging his brain daily to keep his cognitive skills sharp. 

That evening, Anila’s struggling with her kids at home since Miss Gomez’s departure. The kids are crying and hungry and it’s clear that Anila is exhausted! As a mother, the job is never done, LOL. After fixing the kids some mac and cheese, Anila calls her mother and asks how she did everything with no help. Anila’s afraid of bringing someone new into the house and Anila’s mom reassures Anila that she can do it. Anila hangs up with her mom and the kids cry as she puts them to bed. The next day, the crew is getting ready for Halloween as Anila takes her kids trick or treating. Dr. Damon Kimes is seeing what Heavenly’s doing as she informs him of Simone and Cecil’s Halloween party. Heavenly feels safer since Damon is going and Heavenly tells Damon about the failed intervention. 

Heavenly begins getting emotional as she explains to Damon that she feels Contessa flipped on her. Damon consoles Heavenly as he tells her that she’s a leader in this group whether she knows it or not. Damon tells Heavenly to respect her friends and the two get dressed for the upcoming party. Simone rented out a skating rink for the group and really went all in on her costume and decorations. The crew begins to arrive, and we even see some familiar faces like Kari Wells make an appearance. Eugene and Toya came dressed as Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and Kari wonders if Contessa’s coming to the party. Contessa told the ladies she’s out of town, but Scott shows up and spills the beans that Contessa’s actually at home studying. Jackie, Curtis, and Quad show up ready to party as a U-Haul truck pulls up blasting their horn. 

Everyone goes outside to see what the ruckus is and is surprised to see Anila and Dr. Kiran Sajja driving the U-Haul. Anila and Dr. Kiran decided to have a moment and it worked perfectly! They came to help Toya and Eugene move for the umpteenth time and of course, The Harrises didn’t find this amusing. Toya tries to take it in stride, but Eugene is very irritated. Anila tries to lighten the mood by saying it’s all fun, but Dr. Kiran is riding this joke all the way to the bank. Everyone’s skating and having a great time as Toya pulls Anila to the side for a quick chat and in the men’s corner, Cecil tries to reduce the tension by discussing the elephant in the room. Curtis admits that if Toya and Anila were in a better space, then the joke would’ve been funny, but instead, now Toya and Eugene are offended.

Dr. Eugene Harris

Eugene states that he wouldn’t have thought the joke was funny either way and Dr. Kiran seems surprised by this revelation. Toya tells Anila that it’s one thing for them to go back and forth, but when Eugene is upset, it takes things to another level. Eugene tells Kiran that they never had a problem until now. Eugene makes it clear that the women have their issues, but the men manage their friendships differently. Cecil thinks Kiran was supporting his wife and Simone thinks Kiran made the wrong decision. 

Eugene is offended and continues to get more upset as he yells at Kiran and decides to grab Toya so they can leave. Cecil attempts to calm Eugene down and Eugene opts to stay away from that Sajjas for the rest of the night. Simone and Cecil thank everyone for coming out and Heavenly pulls Quad to the side to apologize. Heavenly admits to joking on her page but understands how her jokes can affect Quad. When producers try to hold Heavenly accountable, she recants the story that she told Anila earlier, SMH. Quad tells Heavenly that it hurts because people know they’re friends and take Heavenly’s words as truth. Quad tells Heavenly in her confessional that if Heavenly says something else negative about Quad, she’s going to forgo their friendship. Welp looks like this ship is sinking FAST! 

Dr. Kiran Sajja

The crew says their goodbyes and the next day, the men meet to straighten things out. The men opt to throw axes In order to let out their frustration and talk it out. Curtis checks Eugene’s temperature and the fellas laugh about last night’s issues. The rest of the fellas arrive and order drinks before getting down to business. Eugene explains to newcomer, Dr. Martin Curry II, what happened the night before and Cecil thought things were funny until Eugene explained his side. Dr. Kiran arrives and Eugene begins explaining that he’s offended to be the butt of a joke. Kiran apologizes that it offended Toya and Eugene but doesn’t back down on the fact that it was funny to him. Eugene’s upset that Kiran is doubling down on his stance and Eugene gets up thinking Dr. Kiran called him an MFer. We’re hit with a “To be continued…”, and it looks like the drama is just beginning. Come back next week to see what else unfolds on Married to Medicine! 

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