Jacob Roloff Hints that He’s Broke After Messy Roloff Farm Feud!

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Jacob Roloff, son of Little People, Big World patriarch, Matt Roloff, raised fan eyebrows after hinting that he was “broke” on social media. The 25-year-old shared about his net worth online, giving followers an inside look at his financial situation.   

Jacob Roloff

Jacob revealed that he was aware that people had been trying to pin down his net worth, tweeting—”Uh, oh! People are googling my net worth again.”

He added—“Apparently, I have $700,000 somewhere. I’m just working for vibes.”

Jacob concluded—”F**king no-brains. Lots of laughs.”

Fans were quick to sound off in the comment section of the post, wondering about Jacob’s financial situation considering his years on the hit reality show. 

One fan pointed to Jacob’s molestation allegation against a LPBW executive field producer.

The viewer wrote—“The thing is, how does he not have at least 700k? Jacob, why have you not sued TLC for what happened to you? If it is out of some misguided loyalty to your family who is still employed by TLC – forget that! Not your problem. If it is because you do not want to go through all of the details with anyone, I get it.”

The viewer added—“You would never have to spend a day in court. It could be settled quickly and quietly.”

Christopher Cardamone

In December 2020, Jacob claimed on Instagram that he was “groomed” and “molested” by executive field producer, Christopher Cardamone. Cardamone pleaded guilty to a child sex crime during his time on the LPBW production team.  

A February 2021 report by The Sun revealed that the accused producer served only 73 days in jail, after pleading guilty to a child sex crime in 2008. Cardamone served as a senior producer on the hit series between 2007-2010 and worked on 134 episodes of the show. Jacob was between the ages of 10-13 years old while Cardamone was part of LPBW’s production team. 

Jacob Roloff

In May, Jacob spoke out about what he was paid for appearing on the TLC show.

Jacob tweeted— “People don’t realize I was paid roughly $6/hr to be filmed for my whole childhood. I’m still called rich derisively lol. I wish I went scorched earth, but I value family. I wish I kept filming, but I value my principles and my soul. Life is complicated.”

Jacob and his wife, Isabel Rock, welcomed their first child, Mateo, in December 2021. 

Jacob Roloff

Celebrity Net Worth reported in 2018 that Jacob’s net worth was approximately $300k. The Roloff family reportedly brings in about $7k-$10k per episode. 

In 2015, Jacob complained that he had not received the income he earned during his time on the show.

Jacob Roloff

He tweeted—“man I wish it didn’t feel like I was getting f***** out of the money from the show that was my childhood right now.”

The former TLC personality bashed the show the following year, for supposedly putting out a phony narrative about the Oregon-based family. 

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