Love & Marriage: Huntsville: Melody Holt Addresses Speculation That She’s Reconciled With Martell Holt!

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Melody Holt has responded to fan speculation pointing to a possible reconciliation with her ex, Martell Holt.

Melody Holt

Fans have been wondering about the relationship status of the Love & Marriage: Huntsville duo, after an alleged physical altercation went down involving Martell and other Scott family members over the divorced couple’s kids. Love & Marriage: Huntsville cast members captured the drama, which began after Latisha Scott’s mother, Wanda, questioned the paternity of Melody and Martell’s youngest child, in Instagram Live footage. Melody and Martell came together to defend their child, leaving fans wondering if reconciliation was underway. 


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“I love y’all so much and yes this is my JAM! Love is so beautiful…a lot of y’all are asking, so, NO, my ex and I are NOT back together, dating NADA, okay? I’m good over here,” Melody commented on an Instagram post.

Melody took to Instagram to clarify her current state of mind after fans congratulated the pair for putting their kids first.

Melody Holt

“I really think my face says it all, however, check out the article. It’s very interesting to me how soo many people encourage women to stay in emotionally draining and abusive situations,” she captioned a blog post, addressing the idea of a reconciliation with her ex. “Then, if/when they leave, they’re actually encouraged to return. Let me be super clear, YEARS of behavior doesn’t change overnight, in a few months etc. It takes extensive therapy and YEARS of self-work. Let’s normalize choosing self, peace, higher vibrations, and better energy. Love y’all.”

In her June 2020 divorce filing, Melody cited the “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage. She stated that the couple could not bear to live together and that there was zero chance of reconciliation. Melody requested that no child support would be required from either side and that both be allowed to continue joint physical and legal custody of the kids.  

Arionne Curry

In October 2020, Melody dropped a bomb when she publicly busted Martell for cheating on her and impregnating his side-piece, Arionne Curry.

“No matter it is, I left you I filed for divorce you told me you had a baby on the way,” she told her viewers during a livestream. “You told me you had a baby on the way, my toe. …So why are you bothering me?”

Melody Holt

The Holts married in July 2008 and share four kids together — including a baby girl named, Malani Simone Holt, who was born in December 2019.

BOSSIP obtained court documents that confirmed that an Alabama judge granted Martell and Melody’s divorce on grounds of “incompatibility of temperament” or irreconcilable differences, in March 2021.


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