Katie Rost Pleads for a ‘RHOP’ Return Apologizes To Andy Cohen!

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Katie Rost is campaigning hard for a comeback shot on The Real Housewives of Potomac. The former reality star took to Instagram on Wednesday to plead for another chance on the Bravo show. Katie made sure to apologize for comments she previously aimed at Bravo executive, Andy Cohen. 

“I would like to issue a public apology, for statements I made that weren’t cool in the past to Andy Cohen,” Katie wrote alongside a photo snapped during her time as a model. 

Katie Rost

“And I do want a job. And I swear I will totally behave,” she vowed. “I’m also sorry for my temper tantrums. I feel no thirst. I just want to work.”

Katie concluded her hard-sell by brazenly reminding Cohen that she is “hot and amazing.”

“And so I’m issuing this statement publicly,” she wrote, adding the hashtag “#katievibes.”

Sources close to the Bravo show told Page Six that Katie is not in the running for a cast position, despite recently being spotted with the Potomac ladies. 

Insiders said that there were “no plans to bring Katie back as a Housewife or friend.”

Katie Rost

Katie was an original cast member on The Real Housewives of Potomac, which premiered in 2016. Her storyline revolved around organizing lavish charity events. The socialite’s full-time status was downgraded in Season 2, and she exited the series ahead of Season 3. Katie returned to the series for Season 4 as a “friend” but did not take part in the Season 4 reunion. 

Katie took aim at Cohen and the network for supposedly excluding her from the reunion, writing that she wanted to “be there.” Katie appeared upset by the presence of her co-star, Ashley Darby’s husband, Michael Darby, calling him “Chester the Molester.” 

Michael Darby

A cameraman accused Michael of groping him during the same season, which aired in 2018. Michael was hit with charges of felony assault and misdemeanor improper sexual contact, but the charges were dropped ahead of the reunion, which was filmed in 2019.

Katie sounded off about Michael being allowed on the reunion stage, despite his shady history. 

Katie Rost

“Obviously I have a place there. That’s not right!” she wrote on Instagram, at the time. “You are going to have Michael Darby, aka Chester the Molester there and not me!!!! WTF Bravo! Not cool.”

Katie responded to an inquisitive fan, commenting—“I’ll tell you what, this is a bunch of bull. They are exploiting me, using my image and ya’ll don’t think Katie Rost has something to say about a season I was on??? Wow, just cause I called out a cheater molester? That ain’t right.”

Katie Rost

Michael has faced multiple accusations of cheating and has been called out for speaking inappropriately to other men on the show, over the years. He has never been accused of molestation. 

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