Moniece Slaughter Threatens To Sue Her Parents For Smearing Her Pregnancy Claim!

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Moniece Slaughter is threatening to sue anyone who falsely speaks out about her pregnancy. The Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star’s parents recently revealed that they don’t believe that their daughter is expecting, which led Slaughter to post a statement on Instagram, putting all doubters on notice. The reality star claims that she plans to sue anyone who makes false statements about her pregnancy, as well as media outlets who use her as a subject of any questionable article. 

Monica Slaughter

Slaughter revealed that she was pregnant with a baby girl last month, sharing the news on social media. Her mother and stepfather, Marla and David Thomas, sounded off after the announcement and revealed that they doubted her story. The couple responded to followers during a Valentine’s Day Q&A, who asked if their daughter’s pregnancy was the real deal. 

Moniece Slaughter

“Only time will actually tell,” David replied, implying that he was unsure if the singer was telling the truth. 

Marla chimed in—“For us, that question, neither one of us believe that, based on evidence that we’ve encountered. However, it’s sad no matter what. I think that for Moniece to put herself in a situation, is sad. Because, either one of the two options aren’t good.”

Moniece Slaughter

She added—“To fabricate a pregnancy and to fabricate a loss is bad. In Moniece’s state of mind, to have a baby would also be tragic at this point in Moniece’s life. In the same foolishness and mess that she had herself in the last time. Meaning, you’re already at odds with who you’re pointing the finger at to be the father…if they were a baby.”

Moniece Slaughter

Slaughter took to Instagram to respond to the allegation, stating that she planned to put out evidence of her pregnancy then take legal action against anyone who smears her claim. The songwriter made it clear that she was prepared to sue for defamation and harassment. She also vowed to keep the media in check.

Slaughter wrote—“These were taken In DECEMBER! Tomorrow we’ll see January’s growth. Then the day after that we gon look at this month in real time. Then ima pee on a stick on ig live. Then ima sue everybody for Defamation cyber stalking slander and harassment. Then ima sue everybody who partook in not fact check-in and ran false stories.”

Slaughter also shared that she plans to name her daughter Dior when she announced her pregnancy. The VH1 personality did not spill the identity of her unborn child’s father but did clarify that she did not share the same father as her son. 

“No, my daughter’s father is not Fizz,” Moniece told her Instagram followers. “I am due two days before her dad’s birthday.”

“I choose not to talk about her dad,” Moniece added. “It is what it is. Kam is excited.”

Moniece Slaughter

“I can’t believe I have a daughter, a mini-me,” the reality star gushed. “This has been my greatest fear and my greatest blessing.”

“I am assuming my daughter is going to be what bridges the gap between generational curses,” the VH1 personality continued. “I’m going to be the mom to her that I never had.”

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