Tammy Slaton Too Broke to Pay Rent Amid Pricey Rehab Stay!

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Tammy Slaton has “lost her house because she can’t afford rent” amid an expensive stay in rehab, according to her sister. The 1000—Lb Sisters star is currently in an Ohio rehab facility being treated for food addiction. The sisters lived together in a $239k duplex in Kentucky before Amy made the decision to move out. 

Amy, who is pregnant with her second child, purchased a $37.5k home, during her sister’s time in rehab, per a report by The Sun. Amy shares a 15-month old son, Gage, with her husband, Michael Halterman. 

Amy, 34, spoke to The Sun about Tammy’s financial predicament as she receives treatment at the rehab facility. 

Tammy Slaton

Tammy’s social security pays it, it takes her whole social security check, the show isn’t paying,” she revealed. “That’s why I hear she doesn’t have a place to live because she can’t afford the rent. 

“When she comes out she’ll stay with me for a little bit, soon as we find a place she’ll go there,” Amy added. 

Tammy Slaton

The TLC star claimed that the network paid for Tammy’s previous rehab stints and confirmed that they’re both being compensated for filming their reality TV show.

“I’m not sure when she’s gonna come back, but I know that she’s getting the help she needs,” Amy noted. “If she needs to be up there for a year, two years, that’s fine. She needs the help.”

Tammy Slaton

Tammy and Amy lived on opposite sides of the duplex, which has four bedrooms and two bathrooms before Amy moved out. Fans watched Tammy struggle to navigate the cluttered space and fight to fit through the small hallways and door frames. 

Amy previously shared that she was afraid for her sister’s life after she was put into a medically induced coma due to collapsed lungs. She also blasted Tammy’s “bad boy” ex-boyfriends and shared her hope that her sister would find a man who supports her weight loss.  

“I didn’t like any of her boyfriends, they were cool to talk to but not [suitable for a] relationship,” Amy previously said.

Tammy Slaton

“I know how Tammy gets, she loses herself in a relationship, she puts her heart and soul into it,” Amy explained. “She don’t care what they eat is unhealthy or not. She’s like, ‘What do you want to eat? Pizza? Ok, let’s go get it.’ She was not worried about the repercussions to her body.” 

She added— “These guys were not bringing out the best in her, this one guy just wanted fat women, it’s not good when you’re trying to lose weight.”

“I hope she meets someone who supports her, and I hope she has some kind of surgery when she comes out of rehab,” Amy said.

Tammy Slaton

Tammy received kudos from fans after she shared selfies snapped after she lost over 100 pounds. 

“Hey, Tammy! I pray you are doing well. You are looking better,” one fan wrote. 

“Keep going! We were so happy to see that you reached out for help. You’re on your way!” another follower cheered.

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