Claudia Jordan Blasts Air Marshals For Racially Profiling ‘Blacks And Mexicans’ — Asked If They Had ‘Drugs, Weapons, Or Large Sums Of Money!’

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Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum, Claudia Jordan, claimed that air marshals stopped only “Blacks and Mexicans” to ask if they were carrying “drugs, weapons, or large sums of money” while on a plane bound for L.A.  

Claudia took to social media to sound off about the alleged episode from the aircraft. The ex-Bravo star explained that she was boarding a flight in Dallas, Texas, en route to Los Angeles when approximately five air marshals began to do “random” stops on the jet bridge. 

“Of course, they only stopped the Blacks and the Mexicans,” Claudia said angrily. 

Claudia Jordan

The former reality star claimed that officials asked if they had “drugs on us and if we had any weapons.” Someone next to Claudia added that the marshals also asked passengers to clarify if they were carrying “large sums of money.”

“Every person that’s getting on the plane that’s Black is frustrated and rightfully so,” she stated. “They are profiling all the Black people and saying it’s random and asking us if we have drugs, large amounts of money, or weapons.”

Claudia Jordan

Claudia clarified that she was not blaming the airline, American Airlines, for the incident. 

“I’m not blaming @americanair for this but IG doesn’t let you tag the alphabet people FB[eye emoji],” she said. 

“This is the gov’t harassing us looking for a suspect. But only asking Black and Latino men AND women!” Claudia alleged. “Y’all can’t narrow down your search? Smh.”

theJasmineBRAND covered the story and rapper, Lil Scrappy, disagreed with the former RHOA star’s assessment.  

“They do it all the time in Atlanna they do erbody I dne seen whites blacks get that same treatment,” the artist said.

Claudia later revealed that she had made it to the west coast, sharing an Instagram snap of herself sitting beside Jamie Foxx at local hotspot, Catch. 

Phaedra Parks

Claudia made headlines last October, after she and Shamari DeVoe dissed RHOA alum, Phaedra Parks, during an Instagram Live session. Claudia and Shamari, who were filming “VH1 Couples Retreat” at the time, were chatting about the lawyer’s rumored return to the Bravo stage. 

The former Bravo stars appeared boozed up during the online gab session, as they sounded off about the Bravo show while throwing shade Phaedra’s way. 

Phaedra Parks

Claudia shaded Phaedra’s multiple career paths, asking— “Is she still a lawyer? Or a mortician?”

“Win a case win.. a case. They gon’ say I’m messy,” she added, referencing a reunion exchange that went down between Phaedra and Cynthia Bailey, during Season 7. 

“Not win a case,” Shamari chimed in. 

Claudia Jordan

Claudia also dissed Phaedra’s lawsuit success rate, during the online shade-fest.

“She lost all of Bobby Brown’s cases. Has she ever won a case?” the Bravo alum asked.

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