‘Married To Medicine’ Alum, Buffie Purselle, BLASTS Bravo For Not Firing Dr. Jackie & Dr. Simone Amid ‘RHOSLC’ Backlash!

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Married to Medicine” alum, Buffie Purselle, is putting Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore on blast, tying their past behaviors to Bravo’s decision to fire “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star, Jennie Nguyen. The network recently announced that they were cutting ties with Nguyen over resurfaced, racially charged social media posts. 

Buffie Purselle

Buffie’s experience on the Bravo stage was a bumpy ride. She believes that the “Married to Medicine” cast treated her badly due to her friendship with the show’s creator, Mariah Huq. She is currently wondering why Jackie and Simone were never called out by the network for making public comments about her physical and mental health.

Buffie Purselle -Married to Medicine

Buffie took to Instagram to remind her followers what went down during Season 7. 

“They fired Jen [Jennie Nguyen] from ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ for some horrible, racist posts that she made a couple of years ago before even becoming a housewife after being pressured,” Buffie said in shared video footage. “But my question is, and y’all already know where I’m going, when are y’all gonna get down to those broads down at ‘Married to Medicine?’ When is there going to be some action for OBGYNs doing what they did to me?” 

Dr. Jackie Walters

She continued—“Cause I mean there’s racism and that’s bad, but these women knowingly went after my uterus, my mental health, my peace of mind, all because they were jealous of me and for a check. And nothing was done. In fact, they were given two more seasons of their show. One was given a book deal and a skincare line. Actually, they were promoted for going after me and making me depressed for two and a half years and d*mn near suicidal. I’m just wondering when something’s gonna happen about that.”

A fan expressed surprise that Buffie was not currently friendly with Simone. Buffie clarified that Simone was the person who told Jackie about her medical issues. 

Simone told Jackie my medical history,” Buffie wrote. 

Married To Medicine

In July of last year, Buffie slammed Simone via a scathing social media video, accusing the OB/GYN of sharing HIPAA-protected information about her medical history with Dr. Jackie Walters, during Season 7. 

“Wanna know why I didn’t sue for HIPAA? Like I told y’all earlier…who the f**k told somebody my personal medical business?” Buffie began.

“Who was my doctor on the show?” Buffie asked. “Who was my doctor on the show? That’s the one that told the other doctor my medical business.”

“The person that told Jackie my medical information was Simone,” Buffie revealed, adding that Simone admitted that she had dished her private medical info behind her back.  

Buffie Purselle

Buffie explained that Simone confessed that she had disclosed the information to Jackie during their drive to her “Fab and Frugal” party, an event featured on the show. 2

“She said she told her on the drive there that I had fertility challenges and was sensitive about it,” Buffie revealed. 

“So you tell me who decided to make that a storyline—was it me or was it them?” Buffie asked.

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