‘RHOSLC’ RECAP: Meredith Denies Calling The FBI On Jen: ‘That’s F**king Insane’!

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This week on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, the ladies try some outdoor adventures and try to navigate the fallout from the explosive dinner from the prior night, but first, they have to navigate their hangovers. 

The dinner at Zion keeps getting worse after Meredith Marks’ stormy exit. Is anyone distracted by Jen Shah’s missing fake nails? Meredith asks Jen to “please stop yelling.” Jen keeps yelling. Jen wants to know what she’s done. Meredith is veiled in her comments, claiming she isn’t going to bring it up because she’s kind, saying it over and over. In Whitney Rose’s production interview, Whitney thinks that Meredith is alluding to Jen hooking up with one of the men that Meredith was seeing when separated from Seth Marks. Whoa. 

When Whitney tries to draw a connection between Meredith’s absence on the bus at the Beauty Lab swat takedown and Jen’s indictment by the federal government, Meredith just laughs and laughs and calls it a joke. Then Meredith leaves again. Whitney follows Mary Cosby and Meredith back inside. Jen thanks Lisa Barlow for being there for her. Lisa says she doesn’t want to add any stress to Jen.

Meredith Marks

Lisa tells Jen that Meredith is upset with her for not being there, and then Jen points out that Meredith wasn’t there for Lisa. As Lisa is explaining why Meredith wasn’t there for her, Meredith walks back in. Whitney sits back down. Mary must have skipped coming back. Is anyone distracted by Jen’s boob pasty popping out? More screaming, more screaming, and then Mary appears. Then it’s Jennie Nguyen’s turn to go off. Jennie storms out. Then Lisa says that Meredith knows “a lot of information.” Jen throws something at Lisa. Jen storms out. Then Lisa follows, doesn’t follow, then yells some more. And then Meredith calls her son, Brooks Marks, and they discuss their feelings. 

Lisa comes back to the table, angry that Jen called her a liar. Heather Gay’s still sitting there. Whitney tried to explain what was happening to Mary and it goes nowhere. Heather asks if she’s allowed to go home. In the meantime, Jen has changed into her tracksuit and wanders into Meredith’s room. Jen tells Meredith that she thought Meredith could have called the FBI, given that Meredith didn’t ride on the bus to Vail. But Meredith says she simply just wanted to avoid being trapped on the bus. 

Jen breaks down. Meredith hugs Jen, and then Mary hugs Jen. Then Jen announces that this is only day one. They have three more days to go. 

Then in the night, Lisa came into Meredith’s room and told her that the other ladies were speculating she lied about her father’s memorial and used that excuse and cover story to explain that possibly Meredith called the FBI. Then Jen, Heather, and Whitney hide under the covers with candy and a pitcher of water. Then after Lisa gets Meredith all riled up, the next morning Lisa wants to figure out how to make it better. Mary tries to bring in an omelet to Meredith and to Lisa, but Mary awkwardly won’t leave the room.

Then Lisa and Meredith start discussing their broken friendship, but Lisa thinks that Meredith has taken out her “microaggressions” on Lisa. And Meredith doesn’t see it. So now Lisa storms out of Meredith’s room. Then Heather tries to get Jennie up-to-speed on what happened. Then Mary makes comments and dismissed Jennie and says that Jennie doesn’t matter.

Meredith, despite wanting to not discuss things and be left alone, comes in hot again to the kitchen wanting to know who was speculating about her father’s memorial being fake. So then, just like that, switching it up, they decide not to talk about it and to go have some outdoor fun. And the big news, Heather found Lisa’s broken fake nail. Random.

Jennie Nguyen

In the canyon, the women ride four-wheelers. They gear up and hike down a hill together, then they encounter obstacles and rappel off rocks. Mary says she doesn’t want to look at Heather’s nipples. They all make it out alive. 

Later that night, they have dinner. Again. And this time, the women are supposed to “dress to impress” and go to “Club Zion.” Jen has her maracas. Jennie can’t figure out why Meredith is happy. Lisa apologizes to everyone, just in time to invite them all to her upcoming Vida event. Then Jen shows up with the maracas again. Mary says she wants to apologize to Jennie, but then doesn’t really apologize. Shock. 

Then Jennie says in her production interview that she has anger issues. She says she spent a year in anger management classes because she can’t control her anger. Then she goes on to say that she was throwing things at her husband one night in a rage, and she “broke his ribs.” Jennie just glossed right over that. Jennie says she has learned to forgive and to let go. Wow, do these women know this about her? Certainly, Lisa knows right, given how long they have been friends.

Whitney Rose

Whitney is organizing “Club Zion” for the ladies to party. They dance and drink and all play fake nice. It’s so odd to see this. And then Meredith is on the pole. Mary even dances. Then it’s hot tub time. They make a hot tub video to thank the men for the trip. 

Whitney, Jen, and Meredith all wake up in Lisa’s room. Whitney says, “What the hell happened last night?” Whitney’s all confused. Lisa wasn’t keen on a sleepover, but if it means the ladies aren’t fighting, she says, “I’m all in.” Then everyone moves to the kitchen and seems fake happy and syrupy sweet. As most of the ladies cook, Lisa is eating KitKats. 

Meredith Marks

Next time, as the women go horseback riding, Heather and Lisa discuss Meredith’s conflicting timelines about her father’s memorial. Lisa has one story. Heather has another. Jennie asks Mary about Robert, and Mary shuts her down saying, “I don’t really know you like that.” Then at another explosive dinner, Lisa and Mary go at it about who is real and who is fake. Then Lisa is caught in a hot mic moment saying that she’s done with Meredith. She says, “She’s a whore. She’s f—ed half of New York.” 

Sound off in the comments. This one was crazy. What do you think about all this drama, then sweetness, then drama!?

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