‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Fans Drag Amy Slaton’s ‘Filthy Mattress’ Covered In Brown Doo Doo Stains Amid Tammy’s Health Crisis!!

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Amy Slaton

‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Fans Drag Amy Slaton’s ‘Filthy Mattress’ Covered In Brown Doo Doo Stains Amid Tammy’s Health Crisis

1000-Lb Sisters fan favorite Amy Slaton is being dragged on social media after her filthy mattress was exposed to fans. 

During Monday’s episode, Amy Slaton invited fans along as she and husband, Michael Halterman, moved from their former duplex next door to sister, Tammy Slaton, into their newly purchased home.

Amy Slaton

The moving scene raised eyebrows for viewers, who were fixated on the nasty brown doo doo-like stains on the mattress and fans of the show sounded off on social media. 

1000-Lb Sisters: Amy Gets Emotional While Moving

Amy Slaton

Amy Slaton became overwhelmed with emotion while packing her personal belongs from the former duplex that neighbored her sister, Tammy, who is currently gravely ill and living in a nursing home. Amy and her husband are no longer burdened by Tammy’s exhausting needs, many of which could be better managed if Tammy took her health seriously.

Amy Slaton

The packing took Amy down memory lane and she noted bringing her baby, Gage, home from the hospital and getting ready for her wedding in that home. 

Since 1000-Lb Sisters started, Amy has gone from a size 5XL to a size XL and has happily started a family.

1000-Lb Sisters: Fans Drag Amy Over Filthy Mattress

Amy Slaton

While Amy was fixated on memories — viewers were paying attention to her doo-doo brown stained mattress and the filth she’s been raising her child in.

Fans took to social media in droves and ripped into the TLC star.

One fan posted, “Damn Amy, you’re doing great and all but wash that mattress.”

Another commented, I know Amy don’t sleep on that black dirty mattress.”

Ooh Amy I luyya girl but you got to get a new mattress,” A person wrote.

Another viewer observed, “Maybe Amy’s dirty feet explain the dirty mattress.”

I really hope Amy, Michael took that nasty ass mattress cover off that bed and threw it away, went out to buy a new.” A person stated.

Another viewer called out the couple, “Amy and Michael moved into their new home and Michael drug an already dirty mattress through the mud.”

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Living In Nursing Home & Struggling

Tammy Slaton

The TLC reality series is based on the lives of the sisters, detailing all of their challenges and wins along the line, as well as the adverse effects on the mental and emotional state of mind.

Amy Slaton

While Amy has made significant strides in her weight loss journey — going from size 5X to XL — Tammy Slaton has been a dismantling her health and immobilizing herself.

As previously reported, Tammy’s health is on the decline since she’s been living a reckless lifestyle of drinking, vaping and unhealthy diet — as a result, she’s currently living in a nursing home and a ward of the state of Kentucky.

1000-Lb Sisters: Amy’s Struggles

Amy Slaton

When Amy married Michael Halterman she was completely focused on getting pregnant. However, things didn’t go according to plan as she was unable to get pregnant because of her weight at the time. This led to her making consultations with doctors and undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

Amy Slaton

Fans have called out the mom in the past for providing unsanitary conditions for her baby boy, Gage. 

1000-Lb Sisters Season 3 airs on TLC, Monday nights, at 10pm EST.


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