Meredith Marks Calls Jennie Nguyen’s Racist Remarks ‘Vile’ As Jennie Apologizes!

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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, Jennie Nguyen, has apologized, after being blasted for past controversial social media posts, earlier this week. Dozens of resurfaced Facebook posts, which were posted over a six-month period in 2020, went viral on Wednesday.  

“I want to acknowledge and apologize for my deleted Facebook posts from 2020 that resurfaced today,” Jennie wrote on Instagram. “At the time, I thought I was speaking out against violence, but I have since learned how offensive and hurtful my words were.”

“It’s why I deactivated that account more than a year ago and why I continue to try to learn about perspectives different from my own,” the reality star added. “I regret those posts and am sincerely sorry for the pain they caused.”

Jenny Nguyen

Jennie posted and reposted phrases such as “BLM Thugs” and “Violent Gangs” during the height of the Black Lives Matter Movement. She reportedly posted a debunked theory accusing George Floyd of assaulting a student in Spain. Another image appeared to play down protesters being rammed by cars, during the unrest. 

Fans called out Jennie for the posts, particularly pointing out that she blasted Mary Cosby as a racist for referring to her eyes as “slanted” during a recent episode of RHOSLC. 

Duy Nguyen

Jennie discussed Mary’s comments with her husband Duy on camera, explaining that they left her feeling “frustrated” and “very mad.”

“It is insulting to our Asian culture to call me that, and it comes across as racist,” Jennie added in a confessional spot. “It’s shocking cause Mary should be more educated and understand it’s not appropriate to say stuff like that.”

Jennie Nyguen

Later in the episode, Jennie took her RHOSLC co-stars aside at Whitney Rose’s brand relaunch party so she could confront Mary in front of the group.

Mary has a tendency to say, ‘Oh, I didn’t say that,’ [or] ‘I don’t remember that,’ so I want all the ladies to witness when I confront her, because she’s not going to run away this time,” Jennie said.

Mary Cosby

Mary eventually told Jennie that she didn’t “mean any harm” by her statement.

“You’re an adult, take some responsibility,” Jennie told her in response. “Right now, there is a lot of Asian hate. Take responsibility for your words.”

“I didn’t mean any harm by that. Like, for me, it’s a compliment,” Mary replied.

“You can say things differently, like, I love your beautiful eyes,” Jennie pointed out. “But when you reference ‘I love your slanted eyes,’ you know, it’s very insulting to me.”

In the moment, Mary did apologize to Jennie for her remarks. 

“I will never walk down that road,” she said. “I apologize.”

Jennie’s co-star, Meredith Marks, appeared to weigh in on the controversial social media posts by posting one word on Twitter—“Vile.” Meredith put out the one-word tweet late Wednesday, after Jennie’s Facebook posts circulated on social media, earlier in the day. A viewer asked Meredith to expand on her opinion, but the Bravo star said that she needed to stay quiet for now. 

“Not allowed rn (right now) but yes I have a lot more to say about many things. And I will,” Meredith told her follower. 

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” airs on Sundays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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