Stevie J Verbally Assaults Wife Faith Evans And Accuses Her Of Cheating On Him In Leaked Video Amid Divorce!

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Stevie J is seen harshly berating Faith Evans in a leaked video that surfaced online only days after he filed for divorce. The footage was obtained by blogger, Tasha K, and reveals the former Love & Hip Hop star filming himself scolding Faith inside their bedroom. The video lasts one minute and forty-eight seconds. 

The music producer appeared to block Faith from exiting the room when he said “I’m not letting you slide by me.” Faith stated that she needed something to drink, calmly responding—“Please move out of the way, grow the fu-k up.”

Joseline Hernandez

Faith reacted to Stevie’s treatment by saying—“I hate you. I hate you. Leave me alone.”  She then turned around from the doorway to return to her bed. She got underneath the covers, but Stevie continued his rant.

“Fu-k you too. I ain’t going anywhere. I hate you too,” he shouted.  

Stevie then aimed accusations at his wife—alleging that she had cheated on him. He claimed that she used their home to sleep with other men. Stevie also asked for confirmation that Faith was hearing what he said. 

Faith Evans

“I heard you,” Faith confirmed, in the footage. 

“That’s what you liked to do? All I did was love you and you do that to me?” Steve asked, before the video cuts off.

“Get your f**king hands off me,” Faith responded, before shouting— “stop!” 

Watch the video below!

Stevie and Faith have yet to address the shocking leaked video.

The leaked footage comes only days after Stevie filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court, after being married for three years. The record producer and the R&B artist tied the knot in July 2018 in a Las Vegas hotel room ceremony. The pair do not have children together, but both have children from previous relationships. 

Faith Evans

MTO News reported earlier this month that multiple sources spilled that Faith had “no idea” that her marriage was about to hit the rocks. The outlet confirmed that the artist learned that her husband was cutting her loose on Twitter. 

Faith really loves Stevie, and she thought they were in a good place in their relationship. Then this n***a files for divorce,” an insider close to Faith told the outlet. 

Faith Evans

“We’re just trying to process what the f**k is going on. Is this some sort of reality tv hoax, or is he doing this for clout, or is this real,” the friend added. 

Faith was arrested for domestic violence after one of the couple’s arguments turned physical, last year. Someone reported the fight to the police, who arrested Faith after observing marks on Stevie’s body. The case was dropped after Stevie refused to testify in court. 

Faith Evans

In April, Joseline Hernandez accused Faith of cheating on the “Behind Every Man” personality. Faith alleged that she “stole” Stevie from Joseline in an interview earlier this year. Joseline responded by taking to social media to drag Faith and Stevie’s marriage. Faith and Stevie began dating in 2016, the same year that he split from Joseline.

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