Erika Jayne Investigator Explains How Tom Girardi’s Implication That Erika Knew About His Embezzlement Schemes Will Affect Her In $25M Lawsuit!

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Ronald Richards, the lawyer hired to investigate Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne, is weighing in on Tom Girardi’s recent remark that appeared to implicate the reality star in his alleged embezzlement schemes. 

As previously reported—Tom was confronted by the paparazzi after having lunch with a friend, and was asked the question all followers of the drama want to know—“Did Erika know anything?” 

The disbarred lawyer thought for a moment before tossing the reality star under the bus. 

“I think she does,” he commented.

Richards spoke to Us Weekly about Tom’s comment, and while he pointed out that Tom’s words hold “no weight whatsoever” in court, he added that the reality star “is still liable for the money that was advanced by the firm on her behalf.”

Erika, 50, has maintained that she had no idea that the once famed lawyer was embezzling millions from former clients, including family members of victims of a 2018 plane crash. Tom’s shocking admission could fuel speculation that Erika was fully aware that Tom’s firm, Girardi Keese, was funding her pricey music career with the pilfered funds. Erika filed for divorce from Tom in November, after a two-decade marriage. The reality star has staunchly denied claims that she instigated a divorce in order to hide assets.

Erika Jayne

Richards told the outlet earlier this month that his team offered “to add 10 percent to any voluntary return of the $25,000,000 in expenses the firm paid for her in the next ten days.”

“If she was interested in helping the victims, she would simply pay back some of the expenses that were improperly advanced by the law firm and improperly deducted by Erika on her LLC and personal returns,” Richards said on September 8. “This would add 10 percent to her voluntarily compliance payment. It is not about the fees, it is about the victims.”

Erika Jayne

Richards addressed Erika’s disjointed stories featured on the unfolding season of RHOBH—and applauded cast member, Sutton Stracke, for asking questions. 

“It is a tangled web one weaves when they are trying to hedge their positions on national television to avoid culpability and be constantly concerned if they saying things that may make them liable for monies received or other people’s conduct,” Richards noted. “I would commend Sutton for exercising her first amendment rights and not being intimidated by anyone.”

Erika Jayne

Erika has alleged on the show that her soon-to-be-ex suffered a brain injury in a 2017 car accident.

“Part of true brain trauma is making decisions that you wouldn’t normally make,” the Bravo star said during an August episode. “It’s hard to watch someone go through this and there’s nothing I can do to help.”

Erika Jayne

Erika expressed concern after she learned that Tom’s brother, Robert Girardi, who had been named Tom’s conservator, was planning to move him into a senior care center. 

“I may be getting a divorce from this man, but that does not mean I have divorced myself from caring for another human being who clearly cannot care for themselves,” she said. “I can’t be married to the man, but I certainly don’t want him in some facility where he’s not taken care of [and] discarded.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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