‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Garcelle Hosts A Haitian Dinner, Sutton Loses It After Erika Threatens Her!

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This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the dinner from hell continues and then ends abruptly as the ladies continue to fight and take sides over who has whose back. After Erika Girardi comes for Sutton Stracke, Sutton tries to explain that everyone wanted her to say something, but Erika interrupts to say, “Do you want to get sued?” It seems like a veiled threat that Tom Girardi would sue over the discussion of his health status. 

Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards tell Erika that a threat of a lawsuit (or worse) is what they are all concerned about. When Erika says, “I’m about to really lose my sh*t on all of you,” Kathy Hilton says, “Calm down.” After a long moment of silence, Erika turns to Sutton and says, “You ever call me a liar again, I’m coming for you. Trust me.” Erika goes on to say, “I haven’t threatened you. I’ve promised you. I’ve made a promise to you.” Kathy’s experience in how to handle dinner party guests certainly doesn’t have a chapter for this! Erika keeps going by saying, “Don’t push unless you are ready to get pushed back on.” 

Sutton gets up to leave. Kathy follows her. In a strange display, Lisa Rinna hands Erika Kathy’s dog. Why? Drunk Rinna must have thought that petting a puppy would help? Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle follow Kathy and Sutton. Erika continues to say to the rest of the women at the table, “If you’ve got the balls to sit here and say it, then you’ve got the balls for me to push back.” And Crystal Kung Minkoff chimes in, “Agree.” 

As the butler, Patrick, looks flummoxed, Sutton leaves and the other women come back to the table. Garcelle immediately tells Erika that Sutton left because of what Erika was saying to her and the way it was being said. Erika goes on to defend what she said. Production shows a montage of previous Erika Jayne outbursts with Eileen Davidson and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. And just like that, they toast to Kathy for hosting them as if the last hour or so didn’t happen. 

Lisa arrives at Garcelle’s house for a visit the next morning. Lisa claims that she needs “filled in” on what happened because she was Drunk Rinna at the dinner party. Garcelle recounts the conversation-liar-threat-promise discussion, and Lisa seems shocked by it. Garcelle says that she texted Sutton asking if Sutton was ok. And Sutton said she was not ok. Garcelle says that she feels like “the four of you” are together (implying Lisa, Kyle, Dorit, and Erika), “and me and Crystal and Sutton are on the other side of everything.” I guess Garcelle was out of the dining room by the time that Crystal cemented her relationship as “team Erika.” 

Garcelle tries to explain to Lisa how Lisa never seems to have her back. Garcelle saw it in LaQuinta with Erika and at Lisa’s launch party with Dorit. Lisa thinks that it’s not her battle and that Garcelle is nit-picking with her. So, Lisa nit-picks back and says that she was surprised after the big birthday display and cake for Garcelle’s birthday, Garcelle didn’t say thank you after. And when Lisa and Harry Hamlin made a special trip to Garcelle’s house to bring her more of the sauce that she loved, Garcelle didn’t text “thank you.” They seem to leave it on a good note.

Sutton shows up at Bonhams for a pre-auction preview and Kyle meets her there to look at some very high-end items that are going up for auction in a few days. Kyle immediately buys a $4800 Cartier ring. Both seem to really love a pair of carved Giltwood and Gesso cranes. Why? In this showroom full of beautiful and expensive pieces, Kyle asks Sutton how she feels about the dinner the night before. Sutton is upset that Kyle egged her on to “say more.” The two employees of the store and giggling in the background at the display of Sutton and Kyle. Sutton says, “I have said more things to her [Erika] than anyone in the group would ever say because you are all scared of her.” Sutton thinks that everyone wants to know the answers, but they won’t ask Erika directly. Kyle says that Sutton came off as weak after looking scared and leaving the table.

Dorit and P.K. Kemsley have a nice date night at home. Dorit starts to make a long-winded toast but shortens it when P.K. can’t pay attention and starts eating. Dorit is having a launch of her wedding dress line and wants to invite the women and spouses to attend. P.K. asks about Erika and is disappointed that Erika still hasn’t said that she is sorry to the alleged victims of Tom’s alleged misappropriation of funds. Erika did say in LaQuinta, that the victims need to be “taken care of.” There is footage shown of Dorit and Kyle talking about Erika’s provocative posts on social media. Dorit is somewhat defending Erika and is shocked by her.

P.K. says, “It’s not alleged what Tom did, but what is alleged is Tom’s lost his mind and doesn’t know what day it is and can’t remember ten minutes ago. That’s alleged. And that’s highly unlikely. If that guy has been active and pouring money and doing what he’s been doing for the last few years, he suddenly caught the deafen and suddenly can’t remember who he is.” Dorit, stop playing with your hair. P.K. says that for Erika to emerge from this, she needs to be careful what she does. P.K. goes on to say, “I’ve never seen a worse response to what’s going on.” P.K. expresses what many people are thinking, “This is dollars not going to these victims, which is something like $50,000 or $100,000 each, life-changing money to these guys, and she’s there with her legs in the air. It’s not a good look.” 

Garcelle has planned a Haitian meal for her friends. Everyone is all dolled up for the evening, and then Erika arrives in books that are hip-high, a long t-shirt, and no pants. Sutton is the last to arrive since Kathy isn’t going to be there, and it’s awkward as they wait for dinner. But then the ladies sit down at the table and Dorit starts talking. She goes on and on about her parents, how they lived, how she cooks spicy food, and how P.K. fell in love with her cooking… and then Dorit pauses and says, “You guys don’t want to hear this story.” And Kyle says, “We are just wondering if it’s going to go through dessert.” BAM

The ladies are trying different foods and learning about Garcelle’s heritage. Everything seems to be going well until Kyle takes the opportunity to say that Sutton was “a little nasty to me at Bonhams.” Kyle is still upset that Sutton referred to her as a friend with air quotes. It sounds like Dorit said, “She did not do air italics.” Sutton immediately apologizes and tells Kyle that she is her real friend. Erika is checking her cell phone, completely disinterested. 

Everyone moves to the living room. As they huddle underneath coats, the conversation turns to fashion. Garcelle says she’s been looking for those yellow Gucci pants that Kyle wore, but Erika doesn’t remember because it was at the summit where she was not invited. Lisa announces again that Erika wasn’t invited that night. After that awkward pause, Dorit stands up to leave along with Lisa and Erika. 

With Garcelle, Crystal, Kyle, and Sutton remaining, the conversation turns to apologies. Sutton says that she isn’t expecting an apology from Erika. Then Kyle says Erika is expecting an apology. Sutton laughs. Sutton thinks that the victims deserve an apology, not Erika. Kyle tells the group that she wants people to not say things behind her back but to her face. And Garcelle calls her on that one after Kyle waited six months to announce on national television that Garcelle never sent a check for Kyle’s charity event. 

Sutton says that she’s sick of being in the hot seat. Crystal says, “I was with her [Erika], and there’s no moving forward for her.” Kyle doesn’t like the discomfort and wants to put a band-aid on it. Crystal says, “You guys aren’t friends. You hurt her. She hurt you. And it’s, like, over.” 

Erika Jayne

Next time, Erika tells Kyle another fantastical account, that Tom’s house was broken into, and he confronted the burglar, had to have eye surgery, and then her son had to go over and help, and then he [not sure which he] rolled his car five times on the way home. And P.K. and Mauricio Umansky weigh in on the situation with Erika. And, apparently, Garcelle is still irritated with Dorit’s incessant talking. 

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