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Kandi Burruss Shares BTS Footage Of Her Recent Breast Reduction Procedure, Lists All The Nips & Tucks She’s Had Done!

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Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss is encouraging celebrities to get real about their plastic surgery procedures. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared footage of her recent breast reduction surgery, opened up about all of her nips and tucks, and shared her thoughts on weight loss in a new episode of her YouTube show, “Speak On It.” 

The Xscape singer explained why she decided to openly explore the subject on her YouTube show. 

“I started thinking about this because I guess it’s been six, close to six weeks now, it’s been five and a half weeks. I decided to get my breasts reduced. And for me, it was a whole thing of who I was gonna go to reduce my breasts. Was I gonna go out of town and do it? Was I gonna stay in Atlanta and do it? Was I gonna go to a doctor that was close to Atlanta and do it? Trying to find the time to do it,” she explained.

“And while I was doing my research I was just like, so many people are doing work, so many people are doing things but nobody ever wants to talk about it. So I’m going to talk about it!” Kandi added. 

The reality star revealed that she knows celebrities who refuse to fess up to their plastic surgeries.   

“Let’s be real with the people,” Kandi urged, before sharing details about her own personal experiences.  

“As for myself, I think I’ve tried a couple different things as far as physically changing my body,” Kandi shared. “I have done lipo before, gotten boobs, got a boob reduction, I got another boob reduction, I’ve done a tummy tuck, and as far as facial things, I don’t do anything to my face really but I have tried botox which is still relevant to this conversation.”

She then shared a personal video of a recent breast reduction surgery, performed by Dr. Chad Dill. The reality star explained that she wanted the procedure because she had been uncomfortable with her breast size.

Kandi Burruss

Kandi was joined by her longtime friend, Esther, her hairstylist pal, Jodie, and Tiarra Monet, a digital creator, and entrepreneur, to discuss all the things people do to lose weight and the reasons behind their efforts.   

“What I’ve learned through this series is that sometimes it is a mental thing for people losing weight,” Kandi said. “Sometimes it’s just someone being obsessed with their looks and that’s why they want to go and get a little nip tuck. There are so many reasons why people do plastic surgery to change their bodies.” 

Watch BTS footage of Kandi’s breast reduction below!

Kandi made headlines last month when All About The Tea reported that she threatened to walk away from RHOA unless Bravo doubled her salary to a reported whopping $4 million. 

Kandi reportedly plans to move to New York, where she will sit on the production team behind the upcoming Broadway play, “Thoughts of a Colored Man,” which will feature Broadway’s first all-black, all-male cast. The play is expected to debut in September and run through May—which coincides with the filming schedule of RHOA—which runs between October and February.

The outlet spoke to a source close to the reality star who spilled that Kandi was not willing to jet back and forth between Atlanta and NYC unless Bravo promised her a massive paycheck.

“Bravo can either pay Kandi, or she’ll walk and the show will continue to go down the drain,” the insider said.

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