Akbar V Apologizes To Alexis Skyy’s Daughter For ‘Braindead’ Comments… Alexis Responds!

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Akbar V has apologized to Alexis Skyy’s daughter after drama exploded between the Love & Hip Hop stars last month. The reality stars almost came to blows in late May after crossing paths in the same club. Lira Galore also became involved, siding with Alexis Skyy as the incident unfolded. The reason behind the scuffle was unclear.  

A Twitter war ensued and things took a dark turn when Akbar V made some shameful comments about Alexis’ daughter, who has special needs. 

Alexi Skyy

Akbar V went on an unhinged rant in a released video, where the VH1 star cut down Alexis’ daughter, Leighleigh. Akbar V called the child “retarded” and “brain dead” in the disturbing video. She took it a step further when she implied that the little girl’s disability stemmed from Alexis’ supposed drug use during her pregnancy. 

“B***h you got a braindead baby. Your baby ain’t got a f***ing brain. B***h you got a r*****ed child, and you mentioning my children? Now this no disrespect to [Alexis Skyy’s daughter] LayLay , but you got a f***ing r*****ed kid. A special need(s) kid. And you ’round here talking about someone’s children?” Akbar V ranted. 

Her diatribe continued—“Take care of your kids, b***h. You was sleeping on my sofa homeless–b***h stop playing with me. While you was pregnant, you was in Miami on a boat… Now y’all h*es wanna make it seem like I’m the f***ing bad guy when I start airing b****es out. Your daughter is r*****ed because of you. Tell the truth! You had cocaine in your system–tell the truth!”


Alexis Skyy fired back, via an Instagram Live video.

“B***h you got something coming for you. And mark my motherf***ing words b***h, don’t you ever in your motherf***ing life speak on my f***ing child that almost f***ing died,” Alexis said. “That I gave birth to at five f***ing months and fought for her life. And you’re about to be brain dead.”

“The devil’s getting the best of you right now, but you’re not gonna speak on my f***ing daughter,” she added. “You’re not! I did not say s**t about your kids. All I said is we’re mothers and you should be worried about your kids–but you’re not gonna speak on my f***ing daughter. That’s what you’re not going to do–and that goes for any b***h! I don’t play about LayLay. I’m not even no fighter but b***h come see me tomorrow b***h. I promise you–and that’s on LayLay. Whenever you wanna meet b***h–cause one thing you’re not gonna do is talk about that little girl. I would die for her.”


Akbar V took to Instagram on Tuesday night to offer a public apology for her actions.  

“I want to apologize for my action a couple of weeks ago nomatter what i shouldn’t have stepped out of character i said things i shouldn’t have said so as a business woman as a woman period I’m apologizing for anyone that i offended I’m better than that and I’m going to get the help i need and deserve”


Akbar V added that she planned to go to therapy in order to “heal” herself, adding a heart emoji and the hashtag “#bigdawg” to the post. The VH1 star disabled the comments.  

“lay lay i apologize and to any other special needs kid that i offended i really apologize for that nomatter who said something first to me i should have handle that situation,” she wrote. 

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