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Kyle Richards Tells Lisa Vanderpump To ‘Move On’ From Ongoing Feud!

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Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards wants to move on from her beef with Lisa Vanderpump and hopes that her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bestie agrees. 

Kyle commented “It’s time to move on” alongside a sleepy face emoji on an Instagram post sharing an E! Daily Pop interview clip of Lisa, chatting about the duo’s most recent squabble. 

“I didn’t dine and dash like Kyle, [who] has always tried to make me look bad says,” the restauranteur said in the video before firing a shot at the RHOBH star. “She should keep new nose out of my business.” 

As reported—TMZ published a story last month claiming that Lisa had sent a $132 dinner tab to Kyle, who was dining with a Bravo executive producer at the same eatery. The British Bravoleb allegedly sent the bill as a prank, and even left a credit card imprint and a cash tip in case Kyle or the producer did not play along and pay the tab. Lisa later produced a receipt to debunk her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate’s accusation.

The Vanderpump Rules boss dished a receipt that confirmed that she paid $131.84 to the Sushi House Unico in Los Angeles on Monday, May 10. She added that she left a $40 tip for the meal and that her husband, Ken Todd, tipped the hostess $15 for seating them quickly. 

Lisa Vanderpump

Both the producer and Kyle refused to pay the bill at the time, according to TMZ.

Lisa told E! earlier this week that Kyle’s behavior was odd because she “always” runs up to her when they cross paths in public. Lisa implied that Kyle should cut the friendly act until she apologized. 

“Unless it’s going to start with an apology, where do you go?” she asked. 

“If you call somebody a liar and they swear on their children’s lives, to me it’s like, ‘Oh, OK,’” she added.

Lisa Vanderpump

Fans know that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards once shared a fun friendship and that the duo’s travels and shopping trips were featured on the Bravo reality series. Their relationship hit a wall during Season 9 after a story leaked about Dorit Kemsley’s botched dog adoption from Lisa’s rescue center, “Vanderpump Dogs.”

Most of the cast believed that Lisa spilled the story to the media, and Kyle confronted her friend on camera with the accusation. Lisa vehemently denied the allegation and because Kyle did not stick by her, their friendship crashed and burned. 

Kyle Richards

Kyle spoke to journalist, Anna Peele, in April, for an extensive Vulture piece about Bravo. The writer later tweeted one of the Bravo star’s quotes that didn’t make it into the article.

Kyle Richards said of Lisa Vanderpump, ‘she was kind of like the villain, and people didn’t realize for so long,’” she wrote, alongside a devil emoji.

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