RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ Chris Williams Upsets Pastor With Shocking Claim About Paige!

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Married at First Sight

This week on Married at First Sight, the experts! They need to sort out some of this nonsense and denial. Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson have individual meetings with the brides and grooms to try to uncover the serious issues and questions still looming. It’s less than three weeks until Decision Day. Is it going to be another episode of ultimatums?

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Lifestyle, life habits, and how each person is day-to-day are going to be the topics this week. Vincent Morales is sleeping in and Briana Miles wakes him up. Ryan Oubre is trying to encourage his wife, Clara Berghaus, to exercise. Note to Ryan, take off your shirt. She’ll follow you. Jacob Harder and Haley Harris have awkward conversation number 85. Virginia Coombs is distracted by her dog, and Eric Lake annoyed. And Chris Williams and Paige Banks are shown living separately. 

It’s 19 days until Decision Day, and Virginia’s sister, Gennifer and her two sons arrives for a visit. Gennifer is instantly suspicious when she asks how things are going, and they say, it’s good, just some small arguments. Of course, we know that her sister knows it’s not good. When Eric takes the two boys and Rockie outside, Gennifer says, “Am I ok to like, trust my kids to go outside with him?” Whoa. What has Virginia been telling her? 

Vincent Morales and Briana Miles discuss finances. Briana is not a frugal person, by her own admission. She lists $405 per month for “personal maintenance.” And she spends $300-$400 per month on clothes. Vincent seems shocked. Vincent thinks that $9127.50 is an incredible number for monthly expenses. Vincent fiddles with his ring (historically not a good sign) and folds his arms and leans back. These two are on completely opposite pages about money and goals. Briana is a spender. Vincent is a saver. 

Pastor Cal ask Victoria about good things and bad things about her marriage. Pastor Cal asks her if she has unanswered questions for Eric that she needs to ask before Decision Day. Victoria fiddles with her ring, again, not a good sign. Virginia admits she has a fear of being pregnant and a fear of being a mom. Pastor Cal gets right to it asking her why. Virginia also is fearful that if she doesn’t have children, Eric will leave. He has said that. Pastor Cal encourages Virginia to tell Eric how she feels when Eric gives ultimatums. Pastor Cal tells Virginia that it’s time to get vulnerable and time to get deep.

Dr. Pepper is with Eric talking about the good things and bad things. Eric thinks they are chipping at their issues, but then never really get into it or resolve anything. Of all of the things to talk about, Eric’s first thought is the trouble with Virginia’s dog? The correct answer here, Eric, is alcohol. Dr. Pepper asks, “Why do you need to be that dog’s dad?” Dr. Pepper draws the analogy that it takes time, just like if it were a child. Dr. Pepper asks Eric about the questions he still has that need dealt with in order to feel like he’s ready for Decision Day. Dr. Pepper tells Eric that they can’t discuss any of this while drinking or after a night of drinking and still impaired. Crux. of. the. problem. She encourages Eric to propose not drinking for a while to see if that helps. Dr. Pepper for the win!

Ryan Oubre meets with Dr. Pepper. She asks Ryan about highs and lows. He mentions that they don’t have any challenges. So, if Ryan isn’t going to bring up challenges, you know that Dr. Pepper will. Spirituality and sex. Dr. Pepper is on fire, challenging Ryan to explore what their religious future looks like. And also, she encourages him to ask Clara what she thinks about waiting for sex. 

Clara meets with Pastor Cal. Clara is gushing and says her marriage is ten out of ten. But it doesn’t take Pastor Cal too long to get her to stop fooling herself. Clara does bring up that Ryan has never said “I love you” to anyone before. Clara is saying that she loves Ryan but doesn’t want to cause some kind of reaction by saying it. So, she’s holding back. Pastor Cal says, “A marriage can’t be a ten out of ten if a person can’t communicate their true feelings with their partner.” Then Pastor Cal goes deep to ask about sex. He asks Clara if she will be ok if “what you do now is all you ever do.” And she says no.

Virginia and Eric meet up to talk about their sessions with the experts. Eric goes right into “drinking being a problem in arguments.” Rather than discuss it, Eric tells her that any difficult discussion needs to happen without alcohol– parenting her again. She shuts it down. Then Virginia goes into “the whole kids thing.” Eric tries to be reassuring. He does tell her that she would be a great mom. Then Eric goes back to his insecurity about her time with friends versus her time with him. Rather than do what Dr. Pepper suggested and ask Virginia if she will negotiate or discuss it, he goes right into control mode. “You need to understand that you have to cancel certain things for me.” She wants to plan things in advance. He wants to demand. 

Ryan and Clara debrief on their sessions with the experts. Neither are being completely honest about religion or sex. 

Paige Banks is meeting with Dr. Pepper. Do we still have any energy to devote to this couple? Dr. Pepper says that the experts “had no idea what a mess of a life he had behind the curtain.” Dr. Pepper uses the word narcissist twice in describing Chris. Dr. Pepper was very clear that this is not about Paige and that she’s a superior human being. Paige is STILL asking why would Chris do what he did. Paige, that’s a good question but the wrong question. Dr. Pepper seems to be encouraging you to see that the question might be… why are you still in this? 

The Pastor Cal is waiting 45 minutes for Chris to show up. Chris says that he and Paige look good on paper, but she’s not the type of girl he would go after in a bar or in church. Chris says, “I think it would have to be the physical features. Like the face.” Pastor Cal tries to see if there is anything at all of substance here. (NOPE). And Chris reiterates that he was “not attracted to the face.” Give up, Pastor Cal. Move on. 

Pastor Cal meets with Vincent. Vincent is honest about where he and Briana are as a couple. Dr. Pepper meets with Briana. Briana talks about children. Briana’s honest that she is scared given her high blood pressure. It seems like the issues these two may or may not have are something they can navigate together. This does seem like something that should have been part of the interview and selection process. Kids, no kids, adoption, biological children, those can all be dealbreakers for some people.

Married At First Sight

Jacob meets with Pastor Cal. Jacob has an honest perception that he’s trying to connect with his wife, but that Haley doesn’t really want to connect with him. Jacob seems so defeated by this whole thing. Haley and Dr. Pepper discuss the good things about Jacob, but she can’t find a connection to him. Dr. Pepper says, “It does seem to me that Jacob has made changes for you, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve really made any.” There’s a montage of Jacob talking about drinking more than ever, trying on new clothes, getting his chart read. Haley is afraid of failure. Dr. Pepper is very encouraging to her. 

Jacob comes back to Haley to talk about the conversations with the experts, and it’s awkward. Jacob is still open with her. He didn’t have much going on for the last decade. Most of his friends were having children and he lost some social activity. Jake asks Haley why she needs to have a break or have “Haley time.” These two seem to miss each other’s cues. 

Next time, more misunderstandings, more ultimatums, and we all hope no more Chris! 


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