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Wendy Williams Is Looking For Qualified Men To Apply To Date Her On New Show, ‘Date Wendy’!

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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is on the hunt for a new man. The Wendy Williams Show host has launched a new dating game called “Date Wendy,” where men can apply to go out on a date with the talk show queen. Wendy detailed how the application process will go down during Monday’s “Hot Topics” segmenWendy Williams Is Looking For Qualified Men To Apply To Date Her On New Show, ‘Date Wendy’!t.

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“i cast my rod in all kinds of ponds, I would like to date, sure,” Wendy said, explaining the premise of the dating game. 

Wendy made sure to add that the dates would be socially distanced and that she was open to romantic phone chats on her “burner phone.” 

The hilarious segment went on with Wendy laying out the requirements for all applicants. 

“I want all the single men, you can sign up at wendyshow.com, if you would like to have a date with me,” Wendy said. 

“You do your homework to decide if you could put up with me,” Wendy quipped. 

Wendy Williams

Wendy informed all applicants that there would be no sex going on, and applicants who do not live in the NYC area must be willing to fly to her, because of her commitment to the show. 

“Don’t expect to promote your product, or what you do, or your lifestyle on my show,” Wendy clarified. 

She encouraged all men to check out past videos to learn more about her personality, before submitting 30-second video applications. 

She added that Wendy staffers would be reviewing the videos, but clarified that she would be picking her own dates. She also hinted that some videos might be featured on the show’s “Hot Topics” segment, even if they don’t make the cut. 

Wendy wants males only, 45 years or older, and financially secure. Wendy will consider all age-appropriate men— bald, gray, black, white, short, tall, or “fluffy.”   

As reported last month, the trailer for “Wendy Williams: The Movie” dropped in December, giving fans a true sneak peek into the drama to come.

Wendy Williams: The Movie‘ documents the talk show host’s substance abuse issues, as well as her marital issues that lead to the public fallout between Wendy and her now-ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. Fans will also see the challenges Wendy faced throughout her career.

Entertainment Tonight’ premiered the movie’s trailer featuring New Orleans actress Ciera Payton as Wendy.

Wendy Williams

“I am here to stay. Wendy Williams is not going anywhere,” Ciera says as Wendy in the sneak peek. “I’m gonna come in like a hurricane.”

“You’re self-indulgent, you’re narcissistic, you’ve got a coke habit,” one of the characters exclaims.

In another scene, Wendy yells at estranged husband Kevin, “Before I had you I had me, and not you, nor anyone else, have the power to take away my gifts.”

Wendy Williams

The trailer fades out, but not before Wendy firmly states, “I’m gonna bring the heat… I will turn this city out.”

Wendy Williams: The Movie‘ will premiere on Lifetime on January 30.

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