Tom Sandoval BLASTS Kristen Doute For Lying About Their Relationship In Her New Book, ‘She Was Just Trying to Sell Copies’!

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Tom Sandoval sounded off to Andy Cohen about Kristen Doute’s book, “He’s Making You Crazy,” and claimed that his ex didn’t accurately portray their relationship. The Vanderpump Rules personality pointed out some inconsistencies in the read during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

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“I don’t even know where to begin with that book. I think she was just trying to sell copies,” Tom said on Monday. “I read that part of it. It was just a lot of inconsistencies. First and foremost being our computer was in our living room and we always had a roommate. I don’t think I remember Kristen ever owning lingerie either.”

“It’s entertaining, I’m sure it’s an entertaining book,” he quipped. 

Kristen didn’t identify Tom in her book, but it wasn’t hard for VPR fans to peg the bartender, whom Kristen dated for six years. Kristen split from Tom in 2014, after she cheated on him with Jax Taylor during Season 2. 

Kristen Doute

“[Keeping the names out] had nothing to do with, like, protecting the innocent. I don’t think anyone is innocent in this book,” Kristen told Us Weekly before the book was released, in May. “But I thought truly that it would be so much grander for the reader to read if it was just left as a simple key or like a pseudonym as we use often because I want women to be reading the story and not about the who.”

Kristen wrote about her body image issues, while dating Tom. 

“We would get ready together at his vanity, and when he said ‘you’re beautiful’ I wondered if he was talking to me or to himself. His flat iron, oh, his f—king flat iron. It was his most prized possession. Would he ever look at me the way he looked at it?” she wrote.

She also described an episode when her ex allegedly shot her down in the bedroom.

“One night as he sat on our couch playing online poker for the eighth day in a row I put my foot down. Enough was enough. I got on my knees and just went for it. He was about to get the best blowjob of his life. And he pushed me away like a leper,” the James Mae founder wrote. “I was wearing f—king lingerie! I was twenty-six, hot, skinny, and drop-dead gorgeous. He would rather get two-pair, aces high than a BJ from his model girlfriend.”

Tom began dating their co-star, Ariana Madix, after his split from Kristen. Kristen believes that he cheated on her with their cast-mate, despite the  duo’s claim that they didn’t connect until after the breakup. Kristen and Ariana eventually mended fences and became friends. 

Kristen Doute

“I made a choice to let everything go, because whether or not I thought those rumors about an illicit rendezvous or two behind my back had been true or not, it didn’t matter anymore,” Kristen wrote. “A girl can’t actually steal someone’s boyfriend. He made a free-willed choice to leave me, and a free-willed choice to be with her. I needed to let them be happy. … They needed to find their own path to forgive me.”

Kristen revealed that she gave Ariana a sneak peek at her book before its May release. 

“I let Ariana read a little bit of it in regarding the chapter that’s about Tom and Ariana. They were both like, you know, ‘Do you girl,’” Kristen shared.

Vanderpump Rules is on hiatus.


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