Gizelle Bryant BUSTED For Lying — Her Daughters DO NOT Want Her With Jamal & She’s Forcing Him On Them!

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Gizelle Bryant’s children are not as excited about their mother’s rekindled romance with their father, Jamal Bryant.

In a preview of Sunday’s all-new episode, Gizelle Bryant’s daughters, Grace, Adore and Angel, make their feelings known about an upcoming holiday visit from their father, during a 15th birthday dinner for Grace. 

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“For the holidays your dad is coming,” Gizelle begins, before the girls hit her with a hard “why?” and other questions about the upcoming visit. 

“He’ll be with us probably for like a week,” Gizelle adds, surprising her less-than-thrilled daughters. 

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Grace comments that they “have no choice” when Gizelle asks if they’re cool with their father’s holiday visit. Gizelle claims in a confessional spot that her daughters’ icy reactions stem from protectiveness. 

Press play below to watch the scene unfold.


Gizelle Bryant updated fans in August and implied that her girls had turned a corner.    

“Yes, of course they have. That was like a year or so ago. We’re doing great,” she told E! News, when asked if her daughters had warmed up to the reconciliation. 

Gizelle confirmed that the duo would not be tying the knot anytime soon. 

“Clearly, I’m not getting married tomorrow. We have another wedding to go to. It’s called The Dixons,” she told the outlet. “Robyn has a ring on it, so I’m going to be pushing for that to happen sooner rather than later.”

“There is no rush. I’m not going anywhere. Jamal’s not going anywhere. We’re just going to enjoy our time,” Gizelle noted. 

Jamal Bryant

Online rumors allege just the opposite—and claim that Gizelle’s three daughters do not want their parents back together. Gizelle has been accused of using Jamal for a reconciliation storyline, and some even believe that she’s forcing her ex on their children, against their wishes.

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