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Jamal Bryant’s SIDE CHICK He’s Been Seeing Behind Gizelle’s Back Speaks Out!

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Gizelle Bryant has renewed her relationship with her cheating ex, Jamal Bryant, on The Real Housewives of Potomac—but it appears that Jamal had a side piece while he was filming the cozy scenes with his ex-wife and three daughters. 

Gizelle Bryant

An Instagram account dished the dirt on Jamal’s extracurriculars over the weekend, pointing to either a fake RHOP storyline or yet another cheating scandal.

Pastor Tunya Griffin allegedly began dating the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church senior pastor in 2019, and produced supposed text messages from Jamal stating that his renewed relationship with Gizelle was “not real” and for “reality TV.”  

Jamal was dating another woman last summer WHILE he was filming #RHOP with Gizelle,” bravoduckingbravo IG’s post reads. This other woman is a Pastor and a women’s advocate who had decided to give Jamal a chance only to find out she was just another conquest – so now she’s speaking out because his serial philandering behavior is not okay. Take a listen. Look at the texts. Either their rekindled romance is a storyline OR Gizelle was still being cheated on. Can we be done with this man on Bravo please??”

The post directs followers to an interview, where Griffin spills the tea about her relationship with Jamal to Aelicia Thomas. Fans can listen to the full interview on YouTube, but snippets of the sit-down are included in the IG post. 

Jamal Bryant

“He’s [Jamal] saying it’s rumors, it’s reality TV, it’s not true,” Griffin states. “Then as I’m holding him accountable, he does what he does best and that is, he will try to get out of the conversation.” 

Do you believe that Gizelle’s storyline is orchestrated reality TV fakery, or did Jamal step out during a sensitive family reconciliation? 

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Sundays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo. 



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