Rapper Jeezy Blasts Conversation With Fiancé Jeannie Mai About Offensive ‘Dark Meat’ Comments!

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When Jeannie Mai unveiled her relationship to rapper Jeezy in September 2019, her fans were excited for her. But there was a handful of fans who didn’t forget past, distasteful comments Jeannie Mai made in regards to dating black men.

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In September 2014, a then-married Jeannie Mai opened up about her preference in men on The Real. “Love Black guys,” Jeannie said before putting her foot in her mouth. “For me, dark meat on the side; White keeps me mean and lean. That’s why I married White. That’s what I like.”

Tamar Braxton, who cohosted The Real at the time asked Jeannie Mai to elaborate on her tone-deaf comments. Jeannie explained:

“What I’m saying is I really do think Black men are attractive! When I think about men, I like dark men. I used to date Black men. I think they’re attractive. But when I decided to stick to – because it just kept me happiest – was my man Freddy, who just happens to be White.”

Fast forward to five years later and the former Dancing With The Stars star is engaged to a black man.

In a recent interview, the rapper explained how Jeannie confronted him about her comments before they started dating.

“I’m a tell y’all how real she is. Before we even started dating we had that conversation. When we really talked, she sat me down, she said ‘Listen, it was something that I said and it might’ve gotten taken out of context. I want you to listen to it in its entirety.’ And I did. I think you guys do journalism, people can take what they want. I know her people, I know her family. I ain’t never felt no sense of racism.”

Jeezy continued to explain the reasons why he didn’t take Jeannie Mai‘s comments to heart.

“She comes from The Bay. She knows E-40 better than me. So, I just think sometimes people look for things in people. But at the same time, I’m a good judge of character. I’m not gonna do nothing that’s gonna jeopardize my integrity. She’s so solid. That’s one of the first conversations we had. I was like ‘You different.'”


Jeannie Mai and Jeezy began dating in 2019 before the rapper popped the question in April 2020 while in quarantine.

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