Erica Mena Attacked For Getting Plastic Surgery After Showing Off NEW Postpartum Body!

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Erica Mena is under fire after tweeting a photo of her sexy physique. The Love & Hip Hop star, who recently gave birth to her second child, showed off her toned, postpartum body.

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In February, Erica Mena and her husband/fellow Love & Hip Hop star, Safaree Samuels, welcomed their first child together—a baby girl named Safire. Months later, Erica‘s body has snapped back, and she wants to show the world.

Erica took to Twitter and displayed her “biggest flex” to her over 700k fans. “My Biggest ?? Flex. I’m exactly who I say I am. Don’t ever have to fake $hit ?” Erica tweeted. Fans immediately responded, accusing the reality star of going under the knife.

“Madd plastic surgery,” a fan wrote. Another fan replied to the the first fan’s tweet, suggesting the claim is true and that it may be disguised as hating on Erica. “You speaking facts! & They’re confusing that with “hate”. ? Real people say, and do what they like! feelings is not our problem!”

The conversation between both fans kept going, and the first fan replied, “Thank you exactly. I say to those people you better google it because she talks very freely about her plastic surgery. Sh*t I’d like a titty job too b*tch I ain’t hating and she got even more than just that so. I was jus sayin. ?✌️” The second fan concluded the exchange after noting, “Her whole body is plastic if you ask me, but hey it is what it is… if she likes promoting plastic, we love it f*ck it ?.”

However, in a sea of trolls, there were a few fans who applauded the mom-of-two. One fan even came to Erica‘s defense, saying that the reality star achieved her body the natural way. “Idc who says her bodies fake she actually works out to maintain it and I loveee it,” the fan tweeted.

Erica noticed the first fan’s tweet and sarcastically clapped back in the most Erica Mena way. She tweeted:

“Nine months postpartum , we are in the middle of a pandemic is it that obvious on how much work I’ve gotten done? Lol Go run along Lassie.”

The fan replied, “Ya look good. But I’m sure you know that.”

Erica and Safaree recently celebrated their baby girl’s halfway to becoming a one-year-old. Erica posted a beautiful photo of Safire and wrote:

“If you really know me, you know I prayed for HER ✨@safiremajesty ♥️ We celebrated her Half way to One ?Now it’s three months until you are officially one. Time please slow down. I need to get our travels together so I can take my kids to Never Land ✨”

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