Blac Chyna Blasts Wendy Williams For Exposing That Chyna Was Homeless And Begged Her For Help!

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Wendy Williams is always in the headlines for her controversial opinions of celebrities during the “Hot Topics” segment on The Wendy Show, and this time is no different. 

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During the Nov. 16 episode of The Wendy Show, Wendy Williams revealed that model and ex/babies’ mama of rapper Tyga and Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, allegedly sent her desperate text messages, asking for help and a place to live.

Wendy was discussing Tyga‘s lawsuit, when she asked a guest cohost, “He has a child with Blac Chyna, right?” Wendy then dropped the bombshell when she told her guest, “I told you how Chyna texts me regularly, ‘Can you help me find a condo. I have no place to live.'”

At that moment, it looked like Wendy had just realized that she put her foot in her mouth. However, the show went on as Wendy‘s guest chimed in, claiming that although Rob Kardashian recently lowered his child support payments for his and Chyna‘s 4-year-old daughter, Dream Kardashian, he’s not paying the model any child support. Tyga is also not paying Chyna child support for their 8-year-old son, King Cairo Stevenson

“Single mother of two, can I find her a place to live. It was random,” Wendy continued spilling tea. “Maybe she sent a blast to everybody she knows, cause it didn’t say ‘Dear Wendy.’ I didn’t answer it. I don’t want to be involved.”

Blac Chyna caught wind of Wendy‘s comments and clapped back in the quietest but loudest way possible. The entrepreneur took to her Instagram stories and showed off her mansion, along with a fleet of luxury cars, including a Lamborghini and a Mercedes G-Wagon. She accompanied the videos with her song, “Cash Only,” and displayed the lyrics on the screen: 

“Ain’t no sense in lying, I don’t call nobody mine. And I ain’t checking for nobody either, I promise I’m fine. I’d rather chase money to spend ’cause I can’t see myself spending time. I don’t need one on my side ’cause I can’t be worried ’bout you when I’m busy tryna get mine.”

Chyna wasn’t done. She then showed off her backyard where there were a large swimming pool, basketball half-court, and a trampoline, and a huge playground for the kids.

Blac Chyna has her own cosmetic brand, clothing line, and is currently one of the highest earners on OnlyFans.


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