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Kyle Richards’ Mother-In-Law, Dr. Estella Sneider Drags All About The Tea & Claps Back At Fans Slamming Her Racist George Floyd Comments!

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Dr. Estella Sneider

Kyle Richards mother-in-law, Dr. Estella Sneider has responded to’s recent report, calling out the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drop-in for making insensitive remarks about the horrific murder of George Floyd.

On June 19, Dr. Estella Sneider tweeted about the brutal murder — insinuating that the African-American man didn’t warrant America’s sympathy because of his criminal history.

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Dr. Estella Sneider clapped back in the comment section of’s Instagram post writing, “I was disgusted by the injustice and how George Floyd was murdered by a disgusting policeman who is in prison now and I hope he stays in prison the rest of his life! There is bad apples in all groups of humanity. Our actions makes us good or bad, not our ethnicity, race, color of our skin, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin. Not all policemen are bad. I do support the good policemen who keep public safety.”

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Dr. Estella Sneider reiterated her support for President Trump, and denied all accusations of racism. 

“I do proudly support our President. Don’t We all have as Americans the right to support who we want for our leaders? This woman #Allaboutthetea calls me a racist when she is the one who is showing intolerance and she is discriminating against me for supporting our President? We are millions of Mexican Americans and Latin Americans who support our President! How does that makes me racist?” She wrote.

Dr. Estella Sneider continued her rant by dragging

“Certainly seems that you #allabouttjetea are the racist! Show me where and how I attacked George Floyd? #AllLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter, #WhiteLivesMatter, #YellowLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter #RedLivesMatter #LGBTQLivesMatter #AllReligionLivesMatter, Even #CriminalLivesMatter deserve due process!”

She proceeded to respond to various fans — she replied to one fan with, “the one that built the cages was Obama . The one that deported the most illegal immigrants was Obama. Get your facts right!”

Below are a few more responses made by Dr. Estella Sneider under’s Instagram post. 

“@tinadorman I never ever said that . Show me where did I said George Floyd deserve to be murdered . I am disgusted by the behavior of the four policemen and how he murdered Mr. Floyd. The happiest day in my life will be the day they send this policeman to prison for life! Mr. George Floyd did had a criminal background yet he did not deserved to be murdered!”

“Racist Tweets to support my President and my political party? You are welcome to support your party. Your democratic right. I do not call you racist for doing so.”

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