SIBLING WAR! ‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown’s Son Paedon HATES Meri’s Daughter Mariah!

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Paedon Brown

Mariah Brown, daughter of Meri and Kody Brown, is at war with her half brother, Paedon Brown, son of Kody and Christine Brown.

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The Sister Wives siblings’ politically fueled rift began when Paedon, who is in the army, posted a “back the blue” graphic  paired with the hashtag, #bluelivesmatter, on social media.  

Mariah Brown, 24, and her fiancée, Audrey Kriss, have been outspoken supporters of the Black Lives Matters movement, and Mariah recently threatened to cut ties with anyone who didn’t agree with her political views. 

A Reddit user captured a screenshot of a commenter who wrote on the Paedon’s post, “Call your sister and have a conversation with her.” 

Mariah Brown

Paedon Brown responded, “I love Mariah very much but we can’t stand each other.”

Paedon Brown shut down his comment section after Audrey jumped into the IG  convo writing, “Black lives matter and I cannot BELIEVE some of the things you’ve said here.”

“‘Mariah and I can’t stand each other’ that’s not what you were thinking when you called her crying weeks ago,” Audrey added. 

Mariah recently revealed on her Instagram story that she was no longer associating with President Trump supporters, because he had “taken away” her “rights.”

“I will no longer be associated with people who think that the money in their pockets or the political associations they are are more important than my life, than my rights…” Mariah said. “Remember that if you make the choice to vote for Donald Trump, you are making the choice to no longer have me in your life.”

Paedon Brown

Mariah Brown and Audrey are currently not following Paedon or his mother, Christine, on Instagram. Christine came under recent fire after the TLC mom was accused of using the BLM movement and the nationwide unrest to hawk LuLaRoe t-shirts.  

Sister Wives is currently filming for the upcoming season. 


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