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Porsha Williams Released From Jail On Bond After Felony Arrest Over Breonna Taylor Protest!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, Love & Hip Hop star, Yandy Smith, and 100 other people were arrested in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday, while protesting the D.A.’s office on behalf of Breonna Taylor. 

The protest took place outside the home of Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron.

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Press play below to watch video footage of Porsha Williams peacefully protesting, arrest and release from prison. 



Porsha’s fiancé,  Dennis McKinley, broke the news of her arrest on social media, and Porsha’s sister, Lauren Williams, soon followed. “She has always been fearless. You mess with her people, you mess with her. She takes the case of #breonnataylor personally and she’s sacrificing work, time with her loved ones, and her comfort to make sure the offenders are held accountable for their actions. This is her passion, this is her purpose. God please protect them,” Lauren wrote on Instagram. 

Porsha Williams

Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her apartment by Louisville police on March 13. An investigation is ongoing. Porsha and Lauren attended the “Say Her Name March” in Atlanta in June, to honor deceased black women, including Taylor, who would have marked her 27th birthday the same month. 

Porsha Williams’ mugshot

Lauren also noted that her sister is is following the example of their grandfather, Civil Rights leader, Reverend Hosea Williams, who worked alongside Martin Luther King Jr.

Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams was charged with felony intimidating a participant in a legal process, disorderly conduct in the second degree, and criminal trespassing.

Porsha Williams

Early Wednesday morning, Porsha was granted bond and released from the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections. She posted a photo outside the jailhouse with Breonna Taylor’s mother, she wrote, “It was my pleasure! I love you and as always praying for you Ms.Tamika Palmer (Mother of #BreonnaTaylor ) Ps: Thank you for waiting on us to get out! It was heart warming exiting and seeing your family?? @untilfreedom it was an honor @tamikadmallory.”

Porsha Williams spoke out about following in her grandfather’s social activist footsteps in June, on Watch What Happens Live and on Amplify Our Voices: An Open Dialogue on Being Black in America. 

“I think he would be saddened that the work that he had done and the work that [Martin Luther] King [Jr.] and John Lewis, the work that they had done, we’re basically close to be in that [same position],” Porsha said during an Amplify conversation on June 8. “It’s not a race. This is a marathon. This is going to take some dedication… So I do think that he would be happy that we’re coming together visually to see that but I do believe he would want us to take that mission just as serious as they did and the way they dedicated their life to it, I would think he would want us to do the same thing no matter what race you are.” 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is on hiatus. 


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