‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Slam Haters As ‘Bored’ After They Mock Her Eyebrows!

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Sister Wives

Meri Brown loves to share snippets of her life as a controversial Sister Wives star, but recently threw shade at her Instagram followers after cutting off fan feedback.   

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Meri Brown posted a selfie on Instagram on Wednesday — labeling her followers “bored” and obsessed with her typically wonky eyebrows. 

“Just a Wednesday selfie cuz I know y’all are bored and need to be talking about my eyebrows again….” Meri Brown snarked in the caption. 

Sister Wives

Meri Brown hash-tagged the post “Here You Go,” “Im Not Obsessed Youre Obsessed” and “I Love Myself.”

Meri Brown’s comment section has been disabled since the end of June — silencing all IG naysayers. 

Meri’s post appears to be a follow-up to a previous post — where she clashed with one of her followers, who was sounding off about the LulaRoe rep’s makeup skills.

“Please go somewhere that will teach you the proper way to apply makeup. You will look more attractive and feel better about everything. I am not a mean person, I just thing you need a little help,” the user advised.

“I feel great about myself but thanks anyway!” Meri quipped back. 

Meri’s social media game tends to be a deliberately mixed bag. The TLC-er shifts between seasonal selfies and lonely heart memes, always hoping to keep viewers guessing about her emotional state. 

Is Meri a cool and confident businesswoman, or a dissed and disparaged “spiritual” wife? 

Sister Wives is currently filming for the upcoming season.  


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