INCEST SCANDAL! Christine and Kody Brown Are Fourth Cousins!

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Christine Brown

Filming is underway for the upcoming season of Sister Wives — but some fans of the long running reality series might not know that Kody Brown shares a family tree with his third wife, Christine Brown. 

A little research confirms that Kody Brown and Christine Brown share a distant grandparent. Nelson Allred was Kody’s great-great grandfather, and brother to Byron Allred — who was Christine’s great-great grandfather. The relational   link makes Kody Brown and Christine Brown  — the mother of six of Kody’s eighteen children — fourth cousins.

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Most devotees of the TLC show know that Janelle Brown was once married to Adam Barber, Meri Brown’s brother. Another all-in-the-family twist points to Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown’s ex-husband, David Preston Jessop, who also shares a connection with the Brown clan. Jessop is Christine’s first cousin and Kody’s third cousin.

The mother of Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, is currently married to Kody’s father, Winn Brown, making Winn both Janelle’s stepfather, and father-in-law. 

Polygamous bloodlines often intersect — and the twisted Brown family tree is no exception.   

Filming for the upcoming cycle of Sister Wives is underway. 


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