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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Blasted For Saying Some Animals ‘Should Have Drowned’ After Being ‘Left Behind’ In the Ark!

Christine Brown

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is having a rough ride on social media in recent days.  

Kody Brown’s  third wife made a strange claim on Facebook over the weekend, and asked her followers to sound off on the Biblical diss. 

“Let’s be honest, I trust God but I think some animals should have been left behind! Post photos of animals you think should have drowned!” Christine wrote. 

Followers immediately slammed Christine Brown’s comment, only a week after the TLC “spiritual wife” was bashed for using the Black Lives Matters protests to hawk LuLaRoe shirts. 

“There’s not one animal I would have left behind,” one person wrote. 

“Every creature has a purpose, I couldn’t drown any living thing,” another said. 

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Reddit users also thrashed Christine Brown’s peculiar share. 

“This is so weird…has a sadistic feel to it, like she wants to watch animals drown. And apparently butterflies, turtles, and ladybugs are the scourge of the Earth.”

“Animals that should have drowned?! Christine is losing it.”

The word drown just felt super harsh to me… like wtf?”

“Honestly, my first thought was: She’s really posting THIS after her BLM post fiasco and the nationwide rise in coronavirus hospitalizations?”

“Like learn to read the room, or get one of your kids to help.”

Christine shut down Instagram comments posted by angry fans just last week, after she linked the BLM movement with a LuLaRoe promo post. After being hit with backlash, Christine backtracked and apologized in a separate Instagram post. 

Sister Wives is currently filming for the upcoming season.  


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