‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Desperate For Cash & Can’t Sleep At Night!

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Sister Wives

Fans know that the Sister Wives clan’s move to Flagstaff, Arizona has been a budget buster. Kody Brown and his four wives haven’t been shy about   admitting that they’ve been plagued by financial woes — and it appears that Kody might be hatching a bailout plan. 

Kody recently popped into one of Meri Brown’s LuLaRoe livestreams, interrupting her biz to obtain a signature on some documents. Astute fans have been wondering if Kody’s appearance was a random drop-in — or a deliberately staged marketing maneuver, designed to snag Meri’s large audience. 

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Meri Brown signed on as a LuLaRoe rep in 2016. Kody Brown’s third wife,Christine Brown later did the same, and also reps the clothing brand. Meri has almost 100k followers in her private LuLaRoe Facebook group.   

Meri’s clients were surprised when she dropped her sales pitch to photocopy the docs for her allegedly distant husband—leaving her LuLa-base hanging, while she performed the task. But it was the strange interaction that followed that really raised the eyebrows of watchful fans. 

Kody Brown casually complained that he was having trouble sleeping, and said that his stress level was making it difficult to calm down. Meri jumped in, mentioning that CBD oil might help Kody’s problems. They bantered a bit about the herbal supplement — but the husband/spiritual wife convo appeared more promotional than organic. 

Do you think that Kody Brown and Meri Brown staged a product pre-launch? 

The Brown family is currently filming for the upcoming season of Sister Wives.   


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