Faith Stowers Says Lisa Vanderpump Would Rather Protest for Dogs Than Racism Against Black People!

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Faith Stowers

Faith Stowers is opening up about how she feels about Lisa Vanderpump and her time on Vanderpump Rules, after exposing a racist incident that led to the firing of former co-stars, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute.  

Faith Stowers accused Lisa of bringing her on board only to spotlight the hiring of a black person, and called out what she sees as Lisa’s lackluster support for the black community.  

Faith appeared on the Red Flags Make Cute Scarves podcast, and recalled that she was initially happy to be invited to join the VPR cast and the SUR Restaurant team. The show receives “thousands of applications per month,” and she believed that Lisa genuinely cared about sharing her story on the show. 

Faith Stowers revealed that she was allegedly told by Lisa’s business partner, Guillermo Zapata that “We need more color on the show and we think you’re a beautiful black woman and you would do very well.”  Faith learned that Lisa agreed and felt that she could “shake things up” with the cast. 

“[Lisa] thought because I was in the military [the National Guard] that it would be my introduction to the show,” Faith said.

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Faith Stowers added that she grew to believe that Lisa valued drama —not her actual presence on the show. 

“The only time I felt like Lisa ever cared or was happy about me being on the show was if something crazy happened,” Faith revealed.

Faith shared her opinion about Lisa’s response to George Floyd’s death, and shaded her ex-boss for being all tweet and no action. 

Lisa does a lot for the LGBT community. She does a lot for dogs all across the world. But unfortunately, George Floyd is not a dog. Had George Floyd been a dog, she would have marched,” Faith Stowers  claimed. “She’s tweeting out ‘Justice for George Floyd’ but has done nothing to try to help the community.”

“If she has, I apologize. But I’m sure if she did she would have tweeted about it. I just don’t see the passion,” Faith added. 

Faith weighed on on her cast experience and said that it was Katie MaloneyAriana Madix, and James Kennedy who took the time to get to know her. 

“When I first was told I was coming on the show, they told me I’d be a main cast member. Me and Lala [Kent] were the newbies and it was the main cast. But as far as getting to know people, you were on the own with that. If they didn’t like the chemistry, you wouldn’t film as much,” she shared. “A lot of them didn’t like Lala. So Lala had to film with just me or James. For me it was really easy.”

“Me and Katie got along really well when I first joined…” Faith continued. “They didn’t film it but me and Katie would hang out a lot. And me and Ariana would hang out a lot. We meshed well. But I think what tore our friendship apart was when I started hanging out with James and Lala separately. It made them not want to invite me to things because if I went to things, James would be mad about it. They would be so mad.”

Faith Stowers said she enjoyed the Vanderpump Rules cast members before the upset went down between Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor — after Jax admitted to stepping out on Brittany with Faith, in Season 6. 

“I was friends with all of them. It was so nice. I adored Ariana and Katie the most out of anybody at that time, and Lala,” Faith said.” [Ariana and Katie] came off to me as the most chill and the most regular. Everyone else gave me very L.A.-vibes.”

Faith Stowers clarified that she didn’t believe that Pump Rules producers were racists, just people lacking vision. 

“I wouldn’t have someone there as a showing of color, saying, ‘Oh, I hire blacks. This is Faith.’ But then not showcase who Faith is. People will interpret that as, ‘Oh, Lisa is hiring black people but we don’t know anything about this girl,’” Faith explained. “I had so much to show and I was told I was going to be able to showcase my life. I was told I was going to be able to talk about the military experience. I didn’t get to do any of that.”

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Vanderpump Rules reunion part three airs on Tuesday night, at 9 pm ET, on Bravo. 


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