RECAP: Heavenly Kimes Gets Dragged After Insulting Dr. Kendra Segura’s Husband On ‘Married To Medicine LA’ Season 2 Premiere!

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The wait is finally over! Season two of Married to Medicine LA has arrived. Let’s get started.

This episode of Married to Medicine LA opens with Jazmin Johnson showing off her new four-story investment property. She plans to rent it out as part of her luxury concierge business. Jazmin hopes that while netting her some serious cash, it will also serve as a tool to convince the rest of the ladies that she is a real deal businesswoman.

Dr. Britten Cole finally landed a full-time job in LA and somehow managed to convince her husband, Mack, to move with her. While she’s happy that her family is all under one roof again, she admits it doesn’t come without growing pains. “Mack is not totally in love with LA. He has his gripes,” she says. According to Britten, Mack is holding some resentment over being uprooted from a 7,000 square foot house to something he likens to a shoebox. Oh, and in an effort to make way for their kiddos Mack has been kicked out of their marital bed and demoted to the guest room. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Imani Walker is adjusting to life without her husband of six years, Phil Johnson. We learn that Phil is away trying to start his own business in Oklahoma. Imani admits that the change has been harder than she expected. “I knew that when you left it was going to be a lot but I just didn’t know the magnitude of it,” she explains to him over Facetime after a long day of playing solo parent to her son and his step-son, Idris. Could their be trouble in paradise for Imani and Phil too?

Once again, Bravo seems to be up to their old tricks when we’re abruptly delivered a scene of the Atlanta cast touching down at the LAX airport, headed straight for Jazmin’s new luxury rental. While I love and appreciate Contessa Metcalfe, Heavenly Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb, I think I can speak for us all when I say that we no longer need them to float the LA series along. Leave those Georgia peaches in the ATL where they belong! But more on that later.

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The ladies are mesmerized when they arrive at Jazmin’s palatial rental. Perhaps none more than Toya who looks like the heart-eyed emoji come to life after spotting the indoor waterfall, fully stocked wine bar and LED vanity mirrors. AND it’s got furniture! Heavenly points out that, “Jazmin is the LA version of what Toya would like to be. Jazmin, she’s the real thing.” Yep, even in a different zip code Heavenly is still bringing the shade.

Jazmin has In n Out burgers and sushi delivered (for the rest of the ladies, only lettuce for her) and it’s here that we’re given our first clue that the beef between Imani and Jazmin is still going strong. Heavenly persuades Jazmin to host a cocktail party the following evening and casually mentions that she should invite Imani as well. Jazmin remains quiet and smiles sweetly but it’s obvious to everyone she’s not entirely keen on the idea.

The next day, Heavenly Kimes and Imani meet for a hike, while Jazmin and Shanique Drummond treat the rest of the Atlanta gang to a day of Byrd scooters in Venice Beach. While on their hike, Heavenly makes it her personal mission to get down to the bottom of the lingering tension between Imani and Jazmin. 

We quickly learn that the reason for all of the tension stems from the same drama from last season when Imani casually compared Jazmin and her husband’s home to that of a drug dealer’s. Imani is admant that she wants to like Jazmin but later says in her talking head that, “to put it in a nutshell, I don’t F with her and she don’t F with me.” Well there ya have it…

Meanwhile, Jazmin is recounting her own version of events in between forkfuls of unseasoned salmon. According to Jazmin it’s simple- Imani can’t handle her success. “She can’t handle the success and she’s trying every way to diminish it,” she says.

Cut to later that evening, when Jazmin is putting the finishing touches on the party. She runs upstairs to check on the ladies and finds Contessa and Heavenly laying down in bed while having their makeup done. Now that is SERVICE!

The guests start arriving and we finally get our first peek of newcomer, Dr. Kendra Segura. Right out of the gate, shady boots Heavenly has something to say about Kendra’s crop top. “I mean she’s not Jazmin. She’s not Imani. But she got her stomach out.” SHOTS FIRED!

We learn that Kendra is an OB-GYN and a first time mom to her three month old son, Hart. She’s currently working one day a week and trying to find the delicate balance between motherhood and her career. She also casually mentions that her husband is Chinese. Perhaps not the wisest choice when Heavenly’s around. Heavenly later chooses to use that information and run with it when she insinuates that Kendra’s husband could benefit from penis enlargement. It’s obvious that Kendra’s not amused and accuses Heavenly of being ignorant. “Not all stereotypes are true,” she quips back.

Heavenly Kimes doesn’t respond well to the accusation she is ignorant and calls Kendra out of her name while screaming that she must be insecure about her man. Jazmin intervenes and manages to pull Kendra away while Heavenly is still running her mouth about not wanting to fight Kendra’s “big a**.”

Outside, the LA ladies rally around Kendra. Britten tries to calm Kendra down and once Kendra composes herself they’re eventually able to walk back in the party. Once back inside, Heavenly tries to play innocent but Contessa puts her in her place quick when she tells her matter of factly, “Heavenly, she’s from South Central. Leave her alone.”

It appears that Contessa Metcalfe’s revelation makes an impact on Heavenly because she immediately starts apologizing. Kendra seems willing to accept the apology and the ladies seem to squash the beef as quickly as it started.

Right around that time, Imani arrives to the party and breezes right on past the host, Jazmin, while speaking to literally everyone else. Jazmin chalks the behavior up to typical Imani. “No manners,” she adds.

Once everyone’s sitting outside Quad takes it upon herself to be the mediator. She starts out trying to deliver a long winded speech but is cut short when Britten interrupts her. Quad doesn’t take too kindly to the interruption but it’s obvious that Britten doesn’t care.

Quad Webb remains undeterred and suddenly puts Imani on the spot when she asks her if she has a problem with Jazmin. Imani is adamant that she doesn’t have any issues with Jazmin and adds, “I am proud of you. I’m happy for you. How I felt has no bearing on me wishing you the best. I’m not that person.”

Imani’s friend and newbie to the group, Lia Dias, pipes up when she reminds Imani that she’s already apologized last year. Jazmin also quickly points out that she’s already accepted Imani’s “childish apology”. Britten points out that the comments Imani made were all meant to be a joke. Meanwhile, Quad is still furiously trying to take the floor back.

Quad puts Britten on blast for having side conversations while Imani and Jazmin are trying to hash it out and Britten claps back at Quad when she says, “you ain’t running shit here.”

Will the party remain divided? Will Imani and Jazmin finally bury the hatchet from last season’s feud. Will Heavenly finally learn to sit down and shut up? Tune into Married to Medicine LA next week to find out!


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