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NeNe Leakes Reveals Wendy Williams Killed Her Talk Show Deal!

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NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes was set to have her own talk show but Wendy Williams and her former husband, Kevin Hunter, killed the deal.

Back in 2015, NeNe Leakes had filmed a pilot and signed a contract for her own talk show with Debmar-Mercury, the same company that produces the Wendy Williams show.

NeNe Leakes daytime talk show was scheduled to air weekdays following the broadcast of the Wendy Williams Show.

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NeNe Leakes addressed the talk show drama on The Breakfast Club Wednesday morning. Breakfast Club radio co-host, Charlamagne tha God, asked: “I’m not trying to start sh*t, but I remember you was supposed to have a talk show with Debmar-Mercury — who also produces Wendy’s show and Wendy and Kev (Kevin Hunter) blocked that.”

Clearly uncomfortable with the question, NeNe Leakes rolled her eyes and squirmed in her seat before responding, “I don’t know.” Then she was asked by co-host DJ Envy, “Did they block it?”

“I do think so. I think it was her husband.” NeNe responded.

NeNe later added, “Things happen. I think that timing is everything and maybe it wasn’t my time.”

NeNe Leakes speculates Wendy Williams and her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, may have been threatened by the reality diva’s potential success.

“Sometimes people are intimidated and they think you’re going to come up and do a little bit more than they do. But I know it was scrapped — that is true.”

At the time, Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes were at war after Wendy Williams criticized NeNe on her talk show for defacing her Hermes Birkin bag. In response, NeNe blasted Wendy Williams on social media — addressing her as “Wendell.”

It’s safe to say, NeNe and Wendy’s public feud blocked NeNe’s talk show deal and created years of a bitter discord between the ladies.

Fast-forward five years later, NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams have ended their feud and are now besties.

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