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Gretchen Rossi Finally Admits She Almost Lost Her Home to Foreclosure!

Gretchen Rossi

Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Gretchen Rossi, loves being a mom — but has been adjusting to motherhood while dealing with a financial crisis.  

It was revealed last summer that Gretchen Rossi was allegedly behind almost $26k in payments on her Costa Mesa home, according to court docs reported by The Blast. The former reality star addressed her financial woes earlier this week. 

“I still live in my house,” Gretchen Rossi clarified on her new podcast with partner,  Slade Smiley, Knot Too Taboo. “My house didn’t go up for auction. It was supposed to go up, I think, August 26 or something like that. The house never went into auction. I still have my house [and] we’re just fine.” 

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Gretchen Rossi admitted that losing her Bravo paycheck was a rough game changer. 

“That was a very big paycheck for us and one day that light was switched off and we were like, ‘Holy hell, that is a lot of money that we don’t have coming in any more,’” Gretchen Rossi said. “We had to work really hard to find out what our next thing was and how we were going to make money… at that level,” she explained. “When you have that large of a paycheck coming in and that’s gone, you want to replace that.”

Gretchen Rossi

The couple now depends on their new CBD company, BioReigns, Slade’s production company, and Gretchen Rossi’s social media influencer career to pay the bills. 

Real Housewives of Orange County is currently filming season 15. 


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