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‘RHOA’ RECAP: Marc Daly Dumps Kenya Moore After Admitting He Hates Being Married!

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‘RHOA’ RECAP: Marc Daly Dumps Kenya Moore After His Charity Event!


Welcome back to an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and boy is it a doozie. Let’s get started, shall we?

The episode opens with Cynthia Bailey preparing a sunflower themed baby shower complete with flower crowns and wine-filled baby bottles for Eva Marcille at… Eva’s friend’s house. Anyone else confused by the location???

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunflowers and daisies at this flower-themed shower. We learn that a few days prior NeNe Leakes tried to extend an olive branch to Kenya Moore by sending her a heartfelt text message but Kenya had the nerve to leave her on read. In the words of Nene, “so nasty and so rude.” 

The ladies engage in a good ol’ fashioned friendly game of who can suck down the boozy baby bottles first. Shamea wins with Tanya coming in a very close second. I have one question for you, Cookie Lady- CAN YOU DO THAT?! Kenya Moore has a sit down with Tanya Sam and tries to convince her that she and her fiance, Paul, should still attend Marc Daly’s charity event. LOL girl. What planet do you live on?

Tanya Sam confesses that she’s never been called the infamous C-word and Kenya claims that she’s never called anyone that word before either — suuuuure, Jan.

A few days later, Kenya-or should I say Ken — is scrambling around to put the finishing touches on her husband’s charity event. According to Kenya, she is the Wizard behind the event, Not Marc. I think Marc would beg to differ though.

Cut to Kandi Burruss running lines for a new show she’s auditioning for. The character she is trying to embody is a “soft stud” from the South Side of Chicago. DonJuan and Carmon reveal to Kandi that it shouldn’t be too hard to pull off the character since she already gives off so much masculine energy. Awkward! Kandi admits she’s a little stressed about the timing of the show since the baby is supposed to come the same time she would be shooting but doesn’t appear to be rethinking it whatsoever. I’m gonna chalk it up to selective amnesia. Oh, how quickly we mothers forget how hard the newborn phase really is.

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Kenya Moore pays Cynthia a visit because she has something serious to talk with Kenya about. Cynthia confesses that she and Mike had a big fight before he left to go back to California and that maybe there’s a little trouble in paradise after all. Kenya says she and Marc Daly are experiencing the same thing and they simply avoid each other and the problems in their relationship. Let us know how that works out for ya, KEN. Cynthia Bailey says she knows that Mike Hill is “a good man” but Kenya proposes the question, “does a good man cheat multiple times?” Fair enough.

NeNe Leakes has a chat with her BFF of over 13 years, Wendy Williams. She catches her up to speed on all of the Kenya drama. Wendy advises her pal to let Kenya bury herself because at the end of the day true colors will always reveal themselves. Wendy leaves Nene with some words of wisdom stating, “Only give the girls your best side-your spread hips and your a** to kiss.” Okay, Wendy, we see you!

It’s finally the night of the charity event and Kenya delivers Marc his tux for the evening and Marc seems none too pleased with the looks his wife turned stylist has pulled for him. YIKES.

Marc Daly raises the tension about ten more levels when he reveals that he’s gone behind Kenya’s back and rearranged her seating charts and co-mingled her friends with those from the different organizations. Even Kenya knows that’s a recipe for disaster.

Cynthia and Mike Hill arrive at the venue first and Marc eventually arrives sans Kenya. Instead of greeting Mike and Cynthia immediately he essentially snubs them before finally making his way back to share small talk. He reveals that Kenya is back at home still doing her glam. Surprise surprise. Eva and (her) Michael arrive next and Marc springs it on him that he would really like for him to speak at the event. Michael obliges but it’s definitely an awkward encounter for everyone.

Kenya Moore finally arrives and greets her friends. She then promptly redirects Tanya Sam to her assigned seat, away from the rest of the group. Such a hostess with the mostess, that Kenya.

Marlo Hampton arrives a tad late but with her nephews in tow excited to show them what the Black Man Lab is all about. She is obviously confused about the seating chart and asks Kenya several times where she has them sitting at but eventually gives up and retreats to the back.

Marc Daly makes a speech and conveniently forgets to acknowledge his wife who is supposedly “the wizard” behind the event. How sweet.

Marlo Hampton consults the seating chart and learns that she and her nephews are also seated away from the group and abruptly decides to leave, explaining to her nephews that they “should never let anyone make them feel second place.” The rest of the group notices them making a beeline for the door and rushes after them. Somehow they manage to convince Marlo to stay but she still doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Meanwhile, Michael knocks it out of the park with his impromptu speech and there’s not a dry eye left in the room. Gregg Leakes follows suit and also delivers another phenomenal speech.

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Kenya Moore is seething with anger over Marlo’s displeasure at her assigned seat and calls her nasty and entitled for bringing her two nephews, unbeknownst to them. At the very same moment, Marc turns to Kenya and says he LOVES that Marlo brought her young nephews. Wow, these two are not only on different pages, they’re not even in the same d**n book.

Cut to Husband of the Year, Marc, being got caught saying how much he hates being married. He then threatens the producers that they need to shut off the cameras or it’s going to get ugly and as he’s walking out a hot mic catches him saying, “They’re never going to see me again after this event.”

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We then learn that the very next day Kenya and Marc separately announced that they were filing for divorce. Well, there ya have it, ladies and gentlemen…

Will Kenya Moore make it to her own trip to Greece after her very public separation? Tune in next week to find out.


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