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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Urge Meri Brown To Leave Toxic Kody: ‘You Deserve Better’

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Meri Brown

Sister Wives fans are not happy with Kody Brown after he made a snide remark to his estranged wife, Meri Brown, during last Sunday’s episode.

During the February 23 episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown, 49, shared her two-cents on Janelle Brown, 50, finding out the sex of her daughter Maddie‘s baby before husband Kody — and that annoyed him. “And dads shouldn’t?” Kody said during the episode. Meri Brown took to Twitter to respond while the episode aired — she tweeted, “Ahhh! The way Kody jumps to me saying something about dads … Conclusion jumper much? Haha!”

Meri Brown

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Many fans were quick to respond to Meri’s tweet and urged the black sheep of the family to get out of the toxic marriage.

“You deserve a lot better Meri” One person responded.

Another person pointed out that Kody’s favorite wife is Robyn, “After seeing the previews for next week, looks like he’s not done jumping on you. I don’t know how you put up with it. He has his favorite, and we all know who it is. It is so obvious. You just keep doing you and being you Meri! My mom and I just love you!”

Meri Brown

During a March 2018 Sister Wives Tell-All special — Kody Brown revealed that he has ZERO interest in being intimate with Meri or rekindling the romance he once shared with his former legally married wife. Meri maintained hope for “more of a relationship.” Meri also implied that Kody is the holdout, when it comes to working through their messy issues.

However, in an interview with the Reality Life podcast, Kody Brown said the main thing he loves about Meri is her loyalty to him. 

Another fan responded, “I dont know why you stay in the marriage. Robyns reaction to you saying everyone could meet at your house was so rude. They all treat you like a outsider.”

Someone commented, “My heart hurts for you. Why did Janelle have to say they would have to think about using your rental as a place for all together ?? I’m so confused. It’s huge, beautiful, and be the perfect place. Seems you get shot down every week.”

A fan responded with, “You need to move on Meri. You deserve to be treated better than Kody treats you.”

Tensions will rise between Kody, Meri and Robyn Brown on March 1 episode of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights, on TLC, at 10pm ET.


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