RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance’ Couples Tell-All Season 7 Part 1: The Couple Let It All Hang Out!

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Welcome to a special edition of 90 Day Fiance Couples Tell-All part one with host Shaun Robinson.

This week all of the 90 Day Fiance couples reunite to discuss the highs and lows of their 90 days.

The Tell-All special opens with Robert impatiently waiting for Anny to get ready so they can head to the set. Robert reveals that their marriage has been met with many ups and downs and that Anny is making things very difficult for them. But to hear Anny tell it, the problems stem from him not keeping all of the promises he made to her before they got married. I guess some things never change…

Emily also admits that things have been tough for her and Sasha while he navigates trying to establish his own independence in a new country.

Michael Youngquist travels to the Tell All show by himself and reveals that he and Natalie Mordovtseva are still on the outs after she gave him the ring back.

Angela Deem is also traveling solo as Michael Ilesanmi was denied his visa.

In an interesting turn of events, Tania Maduro hobbles into the set on crutches with the assistance of Syngin Colchester. Right out of the gate we learn that Tania was involved in a car accident and now gets around with the assistance of crutches and her ever-faithful new husband, Syngin. 

It appears things are still in limbo for Mike and Natalie. When asked about the state of their relationship Mike labels it as “a work in progress.” Natalie, however, says that she’s not even sure what to say about it.

Angela Deem admits to her and Michael Ilesanmi having sex 38 times in two weeks’ time.

Host Shaun Robinson grills Tania Maduro about her decision to leave the country AND Syngin Colchester for thirty of the ninety days. Cue the footage of Tania living it up with the men of Costa Rica. Oopsie. Meanwhile, Angela shakes her head in disgust. Robert is also very open about his disapproval of Tania and her leaving Syngin behind during such a crucial time in their relationship.

Syngin confesses that he still has no concrete plans when it comes to getting a job, admitting that he can be a bit of a procrastinator. It’s obvious that Tania is not pleased by this and is worried about their future together.

We also learn that having children is still a major point of contention in their marriage. Syngin admits that he’s still very indecisive about having children. They both agree that this is an issue that could cause them to divorce and the other couples are floored that they chose to get married despite their wildly opposing views about procreating.

When asked about Sasha’s first wife, Emily says that she thinks she is very negative and doesn’t take any accountability for her part in the demise of their marriage. Sasha is adamant that he did not meet his second wife until after he was already divorced from his wife. He did confess that he and Emily met while he was still married.

Unfortunately, Emily’s sister, Betsy, skypes in and she too has a lot of negative things to say about Sasha. For starters, she does not like the way Sasha has dealt with Emily’s weight gain and says that she thinks he confused when it comes to weight versus health. When he speaks up and says that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to nutrition and diet she challenges him asking where he received his degree from. Cricket Cricket.

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Emily sticks up for Sasha, confessing that it’s not Sasha putting the pressure on her to lose weight, it’s herself. According to Emily, she’s very unhappy with the way she looks and her self esteem and marriage is suffering because of it. Sasha is adamant that he’s only trying to help her become the best version of herself. Betsy doesn’t buy it and says that she is still waiting for Sasha’s true personality to come out once he gets his green card.

Juliana Custodio de Sousa confesses that she still sends her family money each month and provided them with a home before she left but once she that she came to the US they quit speaking to her.

Michael Jessen’s ex-wife Sarah joins everyone out on the couches and host Shaun Robinson asks the hard-hitting question if Michael was unfaithful while they were married. Sarah refuses to answer and redirects the question to Michael and after dancing around it for a bit finally admits to having an emotional affair while they were still married.

When asked how she initially felt about Juliana Custodio de Sousa, Sarah admits that she was taken aback at first at the age difference but once she met Juliana she became much more comfortable with them getting married.

Juliana expresses the same sentiments about Sarah stating that Sarah is her best friend in the US and that she likens their relationship to that of sisters.

Max and Cece come out and when the viewer’s hearts over yet again. Max admits that he was very surprised once he learned of the nearly twenty-year age gap between his dad and Juliana but quickly became comfortable with it once he was able to spend time with Juliana.

When asked why he took Anny to a second-hand clothing store, Robert tries to convince us that it was all a test. Sure, Jan.

When Shaun Robinson brings up the viewer’s comments about Anny being a gold-digger Anny is adamant that if she only wanted a man with money, she wouldn’t have married Robert because he doesn’t have any.

Bryson’s porn star grandmother, Stephanie, and her husband Ben Skype in and things go south rather quickly. Anny reveals that she is unable to have children so Stephanie asking what kind of birth control she uses was very hurtful.

Stephanie then accuses Robert of never letting her see Bryson but Robert denies it saying that he allowed Bryson to see them once a month until they sent him nasty, threatening text messages. Yikes.

Anna Campisi confesses that there were times where the language barrier became so hard that she didn’t think things would work out between them.

We also learn that Anna Campisi’s oldest son Joey is still not on board with their marriage and gets really upset when Gino and Leo refer to Mursel as “Baba,” the Turkish word for Dad.

When Shaun Robinson mentions that many viewers were upset with Anna for seemingly choosing Mursel over her children she is adamant that she did not choose Mursel over her children. She said it was not until he came to the US that she realized she was not okay with him hiding her children from his family.

Mursel Mistanoglu admits that it was wrong that he chose to go home to his parents instead of standing up to them and said that if he had it do over again he would’ve told his parents about the children before he came here.

It appears Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu may have a new hurdle to get over as we learn that Mursel wants children but Anna cannot carry one and would require a surrogate. According to Anna, surrogacy is illegal in Turkey and would make Mursel’s parents very angry but Mursel says he no longer cares what they think.

The soulmate comment rears its ugly head and Tania Maduro hobbles into the set on crutches with the assistance of Syngin Colchester. Right out of the gate we learn that Tania was involved in a car accident and now gets around with the assistance of crutches and breaks down in tears stating that she thinks that there is way too much pressure put on the term. She says that thinks that people can have different soulmates at different times.

Syngin admits that Tania’s confession hit him hard. Robert once again is very vocal that he thinks Tania was awful to say that. Even Sasha pipes in and says that even if she feels that way it’s probably best to keep it to herself.

When asked if Natalie Mordovtseva considers Michael Youngquist her soulmate Natalie says she would be lying if she said Mike was her soulmate.

Tune in tomorrow night to find out exactly what transpired between Mike and Natalie during part two of the 90 Day Fiance Couples Tell All.


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